Who We Are

Let's join forces to AI-power your talent!



Retorio spun off from the Technical University of Munich. After years of professional PhD research in different psychological areas (e.g., behavioral and differential), we decided it's time to make those insights scalable and available to everyone.

In other words: We read scientific articles in-depth and translated their insights into technology to help everyone benefiting form latest, state-of-the-art research.

This way, we ensure that all the research and insights we use in our product are relevant and have a solid empirically validated basis.

Our Mission

We founded Retorio to help people activate their best self.

We help individuals discover their personality and become more successful, while helping companies identify and develop talent. 

We fuse emerging technology with established psychological science. Our state-of-the-art personality AI is the result of close cooperations with academia, own research, and practice.


Founding Team

We're a diverse team with background in science and technology.


Dr. Christoph Hohenberger

Product & Services
Dr. Patrick Oehler

Dr. Patrick Oehler

Sales & Marketing
Michael Springer

Mike Springer

VP Sales
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Ephraim Triemer

VP Business Development
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Max-Michael Mayer

Executive Advisor


We're proud to be supported by a fantastic team of advisors.


Uli Holdenried

Board Member
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Maria-Paz Millan

ALEA Group

Dr. Wolfgang Kemna

Former CEO USA
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Klaus Hellmich

HBC Europe

Our Values


We trust you making projects successful. Autonomy and responsibility is something we embrace.


Learning does never stop. We like to get stimulated by new things.


 It’s important for us to get things done. We like to have a (physical) close team but understand, if you need flexibility.


We’re an interdisciplinary team with various cultural backgrounds and from different disciplines. We’re open to people and thoughts.


How our application process works



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Made in Munich

Working with clients and partners around the world, the heart of the science and engineering behind Retorio is located in downtown Munich, Germany. We're around the corner of Europe's leading universities, research institutions and global players like BMW, Allianz or Siemens.