AI-powered talent management 

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Improve how you find and develop talent with our video-based, personality assessment---powered by AI.

AI for Business

AI for business

Our AI gives organizations and individuals the tools the ability to scenario train, recommend actions, and more.

Interviewing and training is often expensive and one-size-fits-none. With Retorio's AI, the cost of the these processes decrease while becoming highly customizable.

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AI for hiring and talent development

Understand your employees’ values, training and communication strategies. Our AI can be used for identifying gaps in training.

Not only is it impactful in immediate outcome, but it demonstrates a culture committed to talent growth and value. 


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AI for hiring
Why AI ist special

What sets our AI apart


Scientific research

Based on psychology and organizational research,  our video-based AI detects behavioral cues like voice, gesture, and language.



We’ve verified the extent by which results can be reproduced when the research is repeated under the same conditions, across time, across different users, and across parts of the test itself.

Hours of Training

Over 100,000 hours of training went into teaching our AI to detect facial expression across a diverse data set.


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