Our AI video interview quickly matches you with your perfect team

With AI interviews, potential candidates record a video of themselves before you even schedule an in-person meeting - giving them the opportunity to stand out and show off their soft skills, and you the convenience of finding the right match in the most efficient manner.
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Why retorioVideo Recruiting (1)

Find top-tier candidates without CVs

Quickly and seamlessly recognize the soft skills, personality, and culture fit of your potential candidates with an AI video interview.

Speed up the interview process by 70% 

The best talents are hired by your competitors within weeks. Use AI video interviewing to speed up your hiring process.

Make your company stand out

AI interviews give you a competitive advantage by helping you build a stronger, more inclusive company.

Increase interview participation rates

Show your potential hires that your company is ready for the future with cutting edge AI video technology that 90% of candidates use. 

A Quick Look At How Our AI Video Platform Works

Automatically send and organize AI video interview invites

Organizing interviews has never been easier! Invite candidates through your Applicant Tracking System, embed the Retorio plugin into your career page, or share the invite link per email. We integrate with:

Video Interview Invitiation

Standardize your interview questions

Ensure structured AI video interviews by combining your best interview questions. In need of inspiration? No problem! We’ve even prepared best-practice interview questions for you, so there’s no wait time to get started.


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Video Interview Recorder



Provide an industry-leading AI video interview experience

Say goodbye to long and fruitless in-person interviews. A typical Retorio AI video interview only takes 5 minutes and can be done at any time, from any device. Applicants know that you can't interview everyone and they appreciate the opportunity to leave a personal impression. With this approach, you can focus all of your attention on the candidates who truly stand out. 

Sit back and watch while AI does the rest

Eliminate biases and challenge first impressions. Retorio derives a behavioral personality profile from the AI interviews and then informs you if a candidate matches your team and tasks. Enhance your own intuition with the power of AI.



AI Video Analysis Improved


Discover More About How Our AI Works

Frame 1 Target profiling

Culture Assessment & Target Profiling

Capture your own team on video and learn what makes your people special with an AI practice interview and culture assessment.

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Video Interview

Video Interviews & Simulations

Invite your talents for an AI video interview and let Retorio analyze their personality, language, and facial movements.

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Frame 346

Personality Analytics & Talent Matching

We help you measure personality and predict future potential, job and culture fit based on a candidate personality assessment.

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Hire the best candidates in the shortest time possible

The recruitment market is fierce and you can’t afford to fall behind your competitors. Learn how you can secure the best talent for yourself and save valuable time in the process.

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  • How are video interviews scored?

    Our scoring model was built through the input of millions of video and face imagery. The model achieves 90% accuracy when predicting people’s personality. The 10% deviation is due to the complex nature of personality and the fact that there is no “natural” baseline as a comparison standard. Consequently, we’re impressively close to what is considered to be the personality of an individual we’ve not met before.

  • What do AI video interviews look for?

    Retorio’s AI video interview technology analyzes candidate behavior based on a wide array of data sets from previous candidates and machine learning. Our goal is to help you find the best possible candidate that matches the skills you need for the particular job, their personality, and their suitability for your company culture. The behavioral analysis involves a personality assessment and cultural assessment that includes reviewing body movements, facial cues, and language used.

  • How do you pass an AI video interview?

    In order to pass an interview, a few things we’d recommend for candidates to focus on are: 

    • Setting up an undisturbed and quiet location

    • Don’t spend a lot of talk on small talk, focus on the value points

    • Take note of what you convey with your body language and how that matches the job you’re applying for

    • Carefully consider the language you use and how it conveys your personality and skill set

    • Present yourself in a consistent and easy to understand manner