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Go beyond CVs

Hire for personality! Get to know more candidates remotely and consider soft skills, personality, and culture fit from the beginning.

Hire 70% faster

The best talents leave the job market within weeks. With Retorio you get to know your talents faster and speed up your decision making.

Increase diversity

The best candidates don't always have the most impressive CVs. With standardized video interviews you can evaluate a larger, more diverse candidate pool.

Candidate experience

Top talents prefer video interviews over generic motivation letters or lengthy assessments. We observe participation rates of >90% across high potentials.



Easy video interview invites

Invite candidates through your ATS, embed the Retorio plugin into your career page, or share the invite link per email. We can integrate with:



Video Interview Invitiation



Standardize your interview questions

Ensure structured video interviews by combining your best interview questions. In need of inspiration? No problem! We are happy to provide best-practice interview questions.


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Video Interview Recorder



Provide an industry-leading video interview experience

We receive lots of positive feedback from candidates. A typical Retorio interview just takes 5 minutes and can be done at any time from any device. Talents know that you can't interview everyone and they appreciate the opportunity to leave a personal impression.


Watch videos and challenge your first impression with AI

Retorio pays equal attention to all candidates. It derives a behavioral personality profile that informs you how well a person matches your team and tasks. Form your own opinion and challenge it with data. 



AI Video Analysis Improved


Frame 1 Target profiling

Culture Assessment & Target Profiling

Capture your own team on video and learn what makes your people special. 

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Video Interview

Video Interviews & Simulations

Invite your talents for a video interview and analyze their behavior with our AI.

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Frame 346

Personality Analytics & Talent Matching

Retorio measures personality and predicts future potential, job, and culture fit.

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