Understand talent and culture with AI-powered talent management

Retorio’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform makes recruiting easy,  team building simple and training scalable. Within minutes, managers and employees alike can launch into the talent development journey.

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Behavioral Intelligence Platform

Add people analytics to each stage of your talent management. With data on individual personality and values, you better understand a person.
From recruiting to engaging team dynamics, transfer insights into how to best empower a candidate or employee.




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Frame 1 Target profiling

Culture Assessment & Target Profiling

Capture your own team on video and learn what makes your people special. 

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Video Interview

Video Interviews & Simulations

Invite your talents for a video interview and analyze their behavior with our AI.

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Frame 346

Personality Analytics & Talent Matching

Retorio measures personality and predicts future potential, job, and culture fit.

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Talent Acquisition

Identify talent faster and easier with AI

Resumes reveal very little about personality, soft skills, and culture fit. In contrast, one minute of video reveals a lifetime of opportunity. It takes Retorio's talent management AI just a minute of a recorded video interview to derive a scientifically validated behavioral personality profile that informs you how well a talent matches your team, culture, and your clients. Retorio creates an easy-to-execute talent pipeline and discovers the most promising talents for you. 

Retorio integrates into every ATS and can be accessed through any web browser.

Talent management

It takes only three steps


Step 1: Define your custom target profile

Define your talent needs

You can define the position and cultural profile through our target profile configurator or by analyzing your existing team with our video-based assessment.


Step 2: Invite candidate for video interview

Send an invitation through your ATS or via email

Results automatically align with your search criteria. You'll receive a ranked list of your most qualified candidates.


Step 3: Receive deep, AI-powered insights

Benefit from our expertise and data

With more time saved in pre-screening, you will have more time to spend with your favorite candidates. Retorio recommends questions for the in-person interview

Leadership & Training

Provide on-demand, customized soft-skill training

Individual-led training and development is how organizations keep their teams competitive and their budgeting on mark. With Retorio's talent management software, employees submit video responses to questions created by a manager, a coach, or an in-house coordinator. Employees receive customized feedback on how they were perceived. Over time, talent can opt in to monitor improvements on soft-skill development by saving their automated profile.

leadership talent management

Fully remote and completely customized


Step 1: Define your training goals

Tell our AI what behavior you would like to encourage

Simulate typical situations that your employees will face and tell our AI what behaviors you'd like to see in these situaions.


Step 2: Undergo customized training

Invitation is sent to your trainees via email

Your trainees take part in short video-trainings. They see a pre-recorded video of a team member or client and capture their interaction with their simulated counterpart on video.


Step 3: Receive objective feedback

Use AI for fast evaluation and recommendations for improvement

Retorio AI analyzes communication and behavior and predicts how the person would be perceived by others. Exercises can be repeated until goals are matched.

Team & Culture

Empower the right fit with the right context

With our talent mangement solution you can gather a high-level overview of company-wide traits and behaviors and find shared department or position-specific values. Data tells the story of which values team members prioritize as a team. These characteristics inference why certain individuals excel at their positions and how they relate to their own team. Compare your results to the greater company culture and identify performance patterns. 

internal talent management

We provide a behavioral x-ray of your organization


Step 1: Send assessment invite to team members

Customize your assessments to explore your organization in depth

Ask your employees meaningful questions. They will respond by recording short videos of themselves. A typical questionnaire takes less than 5 minutes.


Step 2: Understand team dynamics

Identify behavioral patterns, quantify your coporate culture

Data tells the story of which values team members prioritize as a team. Compare your results to the greater company culture and identify performance patterns.


Step 3: Shape company culture

Inform your recruiting and training processes

By learning which values employees embody in their work, your can tailor your training, development, and onboarding programs to foster a cohesive and high-performing culture. 

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