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Flexibility and equal access



You're more than a CV

Retorio ensures a fast, easy, and fair hiring process. Retorio believes that every candidate should be evaluated as a person, not as a piece of paper.

Freedom and flexibility

  • Have an interview anytime, anywhere, at your convenience

  • Skip the cover letters

  • Forget the anxiety about traffic or what to wear



Receive a fair assessment

Unconscious bias occurs during the recruitment process. Inadvertently influenced by culture, their blood sugar levels, or the amount of how interviews they’ve conducted that day, recruiters’ biases may creep in.

Retorio levels the playing field for candidates, highlighting what an individual may contribute based on their experiences and their values. With this kind of additional support, candidates receive fair recognition for their career performance.


Fast application, fast feedback

  • Complete your video-based assessment within minutes  

  • Receive feedback quickly—no more weeks of waiting for a response

  • Opportunity to gain insight into your personal values and professional strengths


At BMW we are using Retorio to pilot a new AI-powered recruiting process. Pre-screening video applications for job- and task-fit lets us focus on top candidates early, make better hiring decisions and save cost.
Christoph Kunz
Partner at RPC, BMW

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