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Recruit smart, recruit fast

Retorio makes AI-powered recruiting simple. Within minutes, recruiters and candidates alike can launch into the hiring journey.

Long-term benefits

  • Improve employee-employer fit and decrease employee turnover

  • Build  and sustain an organization’s values and culture

  • Optimize internal team-building and composition



Boost time savings by up to 78%

  • Decrease response time

  • Implement additional layer to source and screen applicants

  • Identify top candidates within minutes

Learn how HAPPYCAR gained 70% more time during their recruitment process


Cutting-edge candidate experience

  • No scheduling needed

  • Complete an interview anytime, anywhere

  • Deliver rapid candidate feedback


Holistic, data-driven talent overview

  • Learn more about the person behind the CV

  • Customize interview questions during the recruitment process

  • Observe and predict talent and industry trends

  • Increase objectivity and prevent unconscious bias

  • Create space to infuse personable, hiring journey

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  • Integrates into every Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  • Installs via a simple browser plugin

  • Receive guided onboarding and continuous support

  • Fully automatized, no IT expertise required 

ZEALAXX is all about spotting talent faster than others. Retorio is doing exactly that. The software is easy to use and it is astonishing how the results match our own impressions. In the past we had to ask candidates to do expensive and cumbersome assessment tests. With Retorio we get better results much faster.
Alexander Springer
Partner at ZEALAXX

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