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Take a moment to think - when was the last time you watched a YouTube video,  Netflix show, or a TikTok video? Chances are high that your answer fell within the last 24 hours, right? With 62% of the U.S. population watching YouTube videos at least daily, it's fair to say that videos have become an integral part of our everyday lives. 

But it isn't just our everyday lives it's affecting - now they're making their way into our work lives, too. In fact, for one of the most important roles in the ecosystem of an organisation, namely talent management, video is becoming an essential strategy.

So how can videos help an organisation stay on top of the game, and thrive in the digitalising world? 


What's in this post?

  • Talent management - no longer just about attracting talent
  • Why video Is essential for talent management
    1. Ensures culture fit
    2. Creates a remote-proof hiring process
    3. Efficiently trains employees
    4. Enhances brand awareness
    5. Improves retention and engagement

Talent management - no longer just about attracting talent

In the words of Sir Richard Branson,"train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to." We all know a company needs talented, high-performing employees to help innovate and gain competitive edge. But simply focussing on how to attract talent isn’t enough these days in the increasingly cutthroat business world. 

This includes providing employees with ongoing training, engaging them actively, and making them feel part of a team and rooted in the company and its mission. In the end, managing and developing top talent in the team can be the difference between a company that cements its place as an industry leader, and a company that falls away into the competition. 


Why video is essential for talent management:

1. Ensures Culture Fit

“Whilst video is great for attraction - I had many candidates say the ONLY reason they applied for my job was because they got a sense of the culture via video - getting boarder support from outside HR and TA will help make the implementation more successful” - Joel Broughton, Talent Solutions Manager at Paxus

What better way to display company culture and spirit to potential candidates, than with personal testimonies that humanise your brand? Interviewing thought leaders and happy employees is one way to demonstrate a universal company culture, in a short amount of time.

Culture fit is becoming increasingly dominant factor that is considered when searching for new employees. Today, HR managers are often using their company culture as a filter to screen potential hires. 

Of course, it’s important not to forget that the combination of attributes should be looked at holistically - companies may still look into job experience, education and technical skills the candidate possesses. However, culture fit is becoming a criteria with growing importance. Whether the candidates values align with the companies', whether they’d fit into the culture; these are all aspects which are difficult grasp through text or static images.

Employees can share how the company values translate into their roles and daily work. By doing so, potential candidates can get a better understanding of the values and culture that drives employees, and thus avoid entering an organisation their values don’t align with.


2. Creates a Remote-proof Hiring Process

As the world experienced a decade’s worth of digital evolution in the last 12 months, we’ve all had to make adjustments in our lives, whether it be attending work meetings online, conducting online seminars, or having to listen to your lecturer virtually.

Recruiting has been no exception, and as storefronts went dark and offices saw abrupt closures, HR managers around the world scrambled to adopt new technologies that would enable them to carry on their jobs remotely. Talent acquisition leaders and recruiting staff were faced with the challenge of identifying top talent with a different strategy, and HR professionals began turning to softwares such as Retorio. 

Companies such as Retorio use artificial intelligence to help find candidates with the right personality, talent and skills using a video-based personality assessment. Such talent acquisition tools like Retorio automate the myriad workflow steps in the recruiting process with distinct inputs and outputs like screening, sourcing and assessment to ultimately help recruiters find talent with ease in this new era of working.


3. Efficiently Trains Employees

Job training hasn’t always had a good reputation in the past. If truth be told, you’ve probably heard more than just a few people say “it can be a waste of time”. We can all picture a traditional training environment - sitting in rooms for hours, listening to multiple people talk about things that are irrelevant for you, and walking out feeling perhaps unmotivated to work. In fact, a study by McKinsey & Co. found that only 25% of respondents reported that their training improved their performance.

Companies such as Retorio understand the fast will beat the big. Retorio’s AI-powered video training focuses on onboarding new staff quickly and efficiently, while understanding every employee’s varying needs. Such AI powered products collect data and identifies success patterns within the company, which makes it possible to have a holistic view of company performance. 


4. Improves Retention and Engagement 

Video has been shown to improve both knowledge acquisition and retention. 83% of marketers confirmed that due to video marketing, the average time a visitor spent on their page has gone up. 84% also said that the use of video helped them generate leads. So one thing is for sure - videos are more engaging due to the fact that they build brand authenticity, and tell a story in a way that written words cannot do. This can be particularly useful when looking for potential candidates for a position. 

With the platforms and softwares available to us today, companies can easily create videos which can be used in creative ways to keep people engaged, motivated, and active in the community. Statistics show that 87 percent of businesses already use video as a marketing tool to improve engagement with their content.  


It becomes clear that in order for an organisation to successfully grow and excel, they need to excel in the areas of attracting and developing their people, and investing in the right capabilities to do so.

As technological advancements take the world by storm, companies are recognising the huge potential it holds for them too, including the many advantages of video content. Those companies which are adapting their methods as new technologies evolve will be able to stay ahead of their competition. Those who don’t ... fear falling behind. 

Want to find out more about how Retorio uses AI and video to help companies find new talent, analyse their existing talent using 50+ years of psychological wisdom? Click the link below, or visit the website here.

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