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Anna Schosser13.03.20235 min read

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Video Recruitment Platform

In today's competitive job market, recruiters are constantly on the search to find new and innovative ways to easily and efficiently attract top talent. Preferably in a way that saves you time, and money, and also provides you with all the insights you need to know about each of your candidates without having to sit through hours of face-to-face interviews. 

One increasingly popular solution is the use of a video recruitment platform. 

According to recent data, 75% of companies worldwide are now implementing video recruitment platforms to help streamline their recruitment process. 

Video recruitment platforms have completely transformed the way recruiters do their job providing a multitude of benefits that were previously, out of reach with recruitment methods. These platforms empower recruiters to carry out interviews streamline the candidate screening process and gain insights into candidates personalities, behavior and communication skills. It's not surprising that video recruitment platforms have become a tool for recruiters. 

If you're interested, in discovering the four reasons why every recruiter should embrace video recruitment platforms then keep reading!


What's In This Post?

  1. Reach a wider pool of candidates 
  2. Increases diversity and inclusivity 
  3. Increase candidate engagement 
  4. Saves time and resources 


Reach a wider pool of candidates 

A platform designed for video recruitment helps recruiters widen their pool of candidates beyond their area. By conducting interviews recruiters can easily connect with candidates, from parts of the world eliminating the need for travel expenses. This also allows the company to expand its talent pool further. This can be particularly advantageous if your company is considering growth or expansion.

You never know your next outstanding candidate could be living on a continent!

Video recruitment platforms also simplify the process of discovering individuals from backgrounds and varying levels of experience. This ensures that recruiters do not miss out on any opportunities and have access to a range of candidates, for the job.

Increase diversity and inclusivity 

Fostering a work environment that values diversity and inclusion is crucial. A key aspect of achieving this is ensuring that biases do not influence the selection of candidates, for your team.

To mitigate biases in the hiring process one effective approach is to utilize video recruitment platforms. These platforms focus on assessing candidates based on their personality traits and workplace behavior than fixating on factors such, as gender, race or ethnicity. By leveling the playing field video recruitment platforms enable organizations to attract and hire candidates from backgrounds. This fosters a workplace environment. Also helps companies attract top talent in the long run.

Increase candidate engagement 

Video recruitment platforms offer recruiters a tool to connect with candidates on a level. By conducting video interviews recruiters can provide candidates with an experience that goes beyond what traditional text based applications can offer. This allows candidates to genuinely express their personality and showcase who they're, in ways that words alone cannot capture.

Furthermore these video recruitment platforms also provide candidates with the opportunity to gain insights into the companys culture and values. This empowers them to make informed decisions, about whether they align with the organizations ethos and would be a fit.

Video recruitment platforms will also further enhance candidate engagement through:

  • Allows recruiters to provide real-time, personalized feedback and guidance to candidates during the interview process. 
  • Promotes a sense of transparency and openness in the recruitment process which can help to build trust and foster stronger relationships between the recruiter and their candidates. 
  • Encourages candidates to be more invested in the recruitment process, as they are able to actively participate and demonstrate their interest in the position which will benefit the recruiters in getting to know the candidate even more. 

Saves time and resources 

Recruiting can sometimes be a task. That's why video recruitment platforms are so valuable because they help recruiters simplify the screening process and effectively assess a number of candidates simultaneously. This ensures that recruiters don't overlook any candidates among the applications allowing them to make the most of their time and resources.

To explore further how video recruitment platforms help save time and resources, for recruiters lets consider the following points;

Reduced time-to-hire

Video recruitment platforms can help to accelerate the recruitment process by allowing recruiters to screen and evaluate candidates more quickly. As the platform screens each candidate, the recruiters will immediately receive detailed insights into the candidate's response without having to sit through an hour-long interview. 

Improved collaboration and communication 

Video recruitment platforms can help to improve collaboration and communication between recruiters and hiring managers, by providing a centralized platform for sharing candidate information and feedback. This can help to reduce the amount of time and resources needed to coordinate recruitment efforts. 

Remote recruitment capabilities

Video recruitment platforms enbale recruiters to easily conduct remote interviews, which can eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming travel. SInce video interview platforms can be shared to candidates all around the globe within an instant, it can help reduce the recruitment costs, and save time, while still allowing recruiters to connect with a wider pool of candidates. 


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1. Why should recruiters use a video interview platform?

Utilizing a video interview platform simplifies. Enhances the recruiting process, for professionals like yourself. This innovative tool enables recruiters to evaluate candidates who have the potential to excel within a limited timeframe. Moreover it provides insights into their personality, behavior and work tendencies which're crucial, for ensuring long term success and motivation. By utilizing this platform recruiters can save time, energy and effort that can be redirected towards developing an understanding of their candidates capabilities.


2. How does Retorio's video interview work?

Retorios video interview offers candidates a set of questions that recruiters need them to answer in order to receive an analysis.

Retorio uses intelligence (AI) technology to complement intuition, through video. The AI system is based on known and extensively researched personality scales the Big5 Personality model, which has proven to be a reliable predictor of both personality traits and job performance.

To predict how candidates personalities will be perceived Retorios AI platform analyzes aspects of their assessment, including expressions, gestures, language usage and voice tone. This analysis enables Retorios AI to forecast how candidates and their behavior will be viewed by a group of people and assess whether they align with your desired target profile.

Click on the video below to hear a little bit more about Retorio's behavioral intelligence platform.



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