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It is a continuous journey in finding the right people for your team. You hope that they turn out to be your best hires and top performers producing the best work. However, a lot of the time companies struggle to find these top performers and keep them.

This is the war for talent.

It refers to the ever-increasing competition between recruiters scouting for “top talents” and the highly skilled and educated workers that are ready to add to the future success of your company.

Before technology took a big leap in redefining the way companies recruit, market shares and sales figures once defined the success of a company, but now – company culture and overall satisfaction are beginning to take over.

So, simply asked – how can your company’s hiring team become successful in finding the best talents there are while making sure that they stay? …. The secret may just be in AI.

What’s in this post?

  1. Focusing on culture fit rather than CV
  2. Widen the Talent Funnel
  3. Unbiased Hiring Process
  4. Remote Recruiting
  5. Investing in Innovative Technologies

To win the talent war, the key action is to look everywhere to get the talent you need. Nonetheless, it is not only aimed to find the ideal set of skills and experiences you are missing, but it is to make sure that your company is attracting workers that are passionate and enthusiastic about their work.

This ensures that the work they produce reflects their dedication to the role, and it should be a positive one. In the past, people received training for a job and worked in this job for a long period of time. Nowadays, job positions vary every two to three years hence why it is important to reassess the steps taken in the hiring process to find the best talents and keep them. This is where AI comes in for the rescue.

1. Focusing on culture fit rather than CV

When bringing in a new member to the team, you want to make sure that they blend in well with your company’s culture and the other employees. Rather than defining a candidate through their CV and resumes, you define them by getting to know more about whether they will fit smoothly into your team to create a positive and motivating work environment.

According to the Robert Walters Group, 81% of hiring managers believe that candidates are less likely to leave when working for an organization where they are in a good cultural fit.

Oftentimes, those that fit well into a company’s culture frequently report higher levels of job satisfaction, employee engagement, and productivity. Furthermore, 78% of the candidates reported that they felt an increased level of respect for the company.

This will only lead to a positive company reputation for having a positive workplace culture, thus, attracting more candidates because who wouldn’t want to work for a company that has a healthy and happy workspace culture?

And when you work in an environment where the culture fits who you are and aids in your motivation and happiness, the less you think about leaving. When a company regards the importance of company culture, it shows candidates that they can express their ideas and opinions freely – it will naturally become a more desirable place to work and stay for a long period of time.

As a company, it is crucial to remember that if a candidate’s personality does not match the company’s culture, the chances of successful work performance can be relatively low due to the candidate’s behavior that does not align with the rest of the team.

AI can solve this problem within a matter of minutes by scanning each applicant and letting the hiring team know whether this applicant is the one or not. This proactive hiring process with AI gives everyone involved in recruitment more quality time to build relationships and simultaneously find the best talents and personality fit.

2. Widen the talent funnel

Once you know what type of candidate you are looking for in terms of skills and experiences, it is important to not keep your focus on finding that one single perfect candidate that fits into the strict criteria.

All the “must-haves” should be put to the side, and it's time to widen your perspective on hiring your ideal team: loosen up the criteria a bit, and be open to other skills and traits that other candidates out there have to offer – who knows?

Maybe someone with less expertise in a certain area can contribute more to your company than the one with full expertise! At the end of the day, it is about expanding your criteria beyond the restrictions of traditional CVs and looking more towards other aspects of hiring such as personality traits and behavior to determine the level of success an applicant can contribute to the company.

It is also a chance to promote diversity and inclusion in a workplace as a measure against the shortage of skilled workers since the outbreak of Covid-19. In this case, Retorios’s platform can be used to open the application pool by giving international candidates a chance, or giving a chance to candidates who would otherwise not have been considered for the job role based on their CV.

Therefore, by widening the talent funnel, your company can cast a wider net by marketing to new demographics, and raising brand awareness to attract more candidates to apply for your open positions.

3. Unbiased Hiring Process

An important part of bringing in a new member to the team is ensuring that the recruiting process is unprejudiced.

AI plays a huge role in eliminating biases that prevent fairness in the hiring process.

When searching for talent, you are focusing on who will be the best match for your team, and what they can bring to your company. All these factors have everything to do with the candidate’s personality, behavior, and motivators, and almost nothing to do with their race, gender identity, nationality, age, and/or sexuality.

Therefore, by disregarding all bias factors in recruitment, your talent funnel is opened wider and shows candidates that this company is fair, diverse, and inclusive which immediately draws more attention. Candidates can have comfortable, open conversations, and feel confident in being themselves at the workplace. It provides a sense of stability and security in the way that their personality is what is mainly contributing to the success of the company, and not their descriptions.

By being an unbiased recruiting team, your company’s ability to find the best talent is swift. With the help of AI, it will be even faster than imagined. Retorio’s AI is quick to identify which of your candidates are most likely to be your top performers and will let you know without being filtered by any bias. 

4. Remote Recruiting

Remote recruiting has several benefits, and one of them is attracting in the best talents. Especially nowadays with Covid-19 is existing amongst us, many people re-entering or browsing the job market prefer to work from home.

This means that all employees have the ability and choice to work remotely – whether it is from home or in a whole other country.

Therefore, flexibility is key.

When searching for the best talents, having options for potential candidates is important to show that the company has several ways of introducing or training them into the team without having to fly across the globe for an interview. Having remote recruiting as a firm option can make your job position more attractive, motivating, and flexible for those who prefer to work in their chosen environment.

This leads to employer branding. The widening skills gap is forcing more and more businesses to market themselves as attractive employers. They work to create an engaging employer brand with their company’s overall growth plan in mind to stand out in the labor market and set themselves apart from the competition in terms of being a magnet for the best talents.

However, there is a second significant element at play that encourages businesses to present themselves as desirable place to work. In the past, candidates wanted to become the ideal match for a potential employer. However, in this new generation, the criteria have changed, and candidates have become more demanding.

They look for employers that will match their professional beliefs and career plans hence why offering remote recruiting is a way to show flexibility, trust in high-quality work performance, and freedom for employees.

5. Investing in innovative technologies

In the labor market, organizations should invest in innovative technology for a more seamless and modern work environment. By staying up to date and modernized with the new technology, your company will be able to find the best talents much easier and faster. By having modern technology, companies can provide better training for employees and more tools to make work easier.

On the other hand, several organizations are leveraging new technologies to transform the talent management process to find the right people. Using modern technology, companies can expand staff diversity, improve candidate experience, retain, and attract top talent, and boost employee engagement and productivity. It is now even more crucial as remote and hybrid workplaces have become more common. The usage of innovative technology is vital to ensure a smooth-sailing work experience for employees.

It is key to keep in mind that for your company to succeed in the war for talent, get to know who your ideal talents are, and slowly cater to their requirements and expectations to attract and retain them. With the use of Retorio's AI video to spot, hire and develop your ideal team, your company will soon become one of the fastest top-talent finders. Retorio's AI platform helps your hiring team to seek out the best talents, and get to know whether they match your company's culture. 

To learn more about how Retorio’s AI matches candidates to your team, culture, and customers, watch the video below.


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Anna Schosser

Written by Anna Schosser

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