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Briah Handa-Oakley29.07.20215 min read

AI Video Interviewing is the Future

The use of artificial intelligence and video interviewing is seeing a steep rise during the hiring process - with the Covid-19 Pandemic further accelerating the existing trends in artificial intelligence ai as the world scrambled to adopt virtual ways of interacting and recruiting. As video interviewing tools were rapidly adopted as the pandemic hit it's peak, hiring managers and and talent acquisition teams began to recognise the efficiency in relying on artificial intelligence for a video interview in hiring applicants and ultimately finding top talent from a large pool of candidates.

The Growth in Video Interviewing and Artificial Intelligence in the Hiring Process

“If you think about an interview, it’s an  outcome of a lack of information on both sides . They [candidate and employer] must talk with each other to understand what you know and what you don’t know. But if there’s a machine that knows everything – like a god – knows about your past experiences, about your projects, your culture – the machine is going to tell you that there’s a perfect fit and both parties won’t question it.” - Woo CEO and founder Liran Kotzer

Some 70% of the more than 1,500 human resource and recruitment professionals surveyed by LinkedIn in July believed virtual recruiting would become the new standard in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. So, as we are recognising the shift in the way that job interviews are conducted and a growing demand for artificial intelligence in video interviewing, we recommend keeping these quick tips in mind before your next video interview.


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Cut the Small Talk

This may come to a relief to some - but you won't be scoring points during an ai video interview if you try to find out what they got up to over the weekend, or by complimenting their office space. During a traditional interview, a handshake and small talk to get comfortable and set the tone is customary, but building a tight bond with the AI shouldn't be a top priority for you in order to have a successful video interview. So if discussing the weather while trying to impress a stranger isn't in your list of favourite things to do, then consider yourself lucky during your next AI powered video interview.

Body Language is Still Crucial

Though you won’t be getting points for your social skills and interacting on a personal level with your AI necessarily, you will, however, need to keep in mind body language during AI powered video interviews. Yes, as you go through with your interview, the artificial intelligence will be able to analyse not just the content of what you say, but it will also pick up on visual cues. So drop the small talk, and channel that energy into presenting yourself and what you say with confidence. A good posture, confident tone and eye contact never hurt anybody - especially during an AI powered interview, where the cameras can detect micro expressions and movements that even a human interviewer during a  face-to-face interview can miss!

Key Words are ... Key

During a video interview, a job applicants interview responses will likely initially be analysed by an algorithm, before a human will review the interview during the hiring process. This means, it becomes important for the candidates to use certain words and phrases that link to the job description during the interview process. So, make sure you inform yourself of the job description carefully, read through the blog or articles on the company website, research their mission statement and about us pages etc. When you know what the company is exactly about and what they are looking for in a candidate, you can use key words that the artificial intelligence will pick up.

Make Sure You Present Yourself Clearly

Whether it's a real-life interview, or an AI-powered interview, making sure that you communicate clearly is crucial. Hiring managers don't want to waste their precious time asking you to repeat phrases or replay parts of a video for clarity. During an in-person interview, clarity means speaking fluently, loud enough and with confidence. During a video interview, the quality of software and technology you use is just as important. Making sure your webcam has good enough quality, checking that your microphone produces clear audio are all things you should check before going ahead with your video interview. Furthermore, consistent and strong wifi signals are also of course, crucial. We recommend you assess your signal quality and software before your real video interview, so you can have confidence that you will be able to be seen and understood clearly.

Location, Location, Location

The last thing you want during a video interview is to be disturbed mid-sentence by your dog running into the room, or your flat-mate asking if you need lunch. You will likely be given a time slot for your video interview, or be able to pre-record it. So allow yourself the time to find a nice, quiet and most importantly, undisturbed area in your flat or office. Furthermore, even though you may be sitting in the corner of your bedroom, make sure you are still dressed appropriately - you may get away with pyjama pants, but at least make sure the top half looks like you made a bit of effort! Lighting is also something to consider - avoid bright windows that could make you look like a black silhouette during in the video, and don't forget to get rid of your laundry hamper in the background!

What to Do When Its Time to Hire Your Own VA

Humans are notoriously inconsistent and are subject to immense bias - whether it be conscious or unconscious. As companies are recognising the benefits of AI, and how it can be utilised to not only speed up the lengthly talent acquisition process, but reduce bias during the hiring process, it's no shock that artificial intelligence has become increasingly widespread in recruitment over the last few years. As the recruiting world changes, video interviews are becoming the first step in the hiring process for companies to downsize their applicant pool - so it's becoming more and more important for candidates to start understanding the new tools recruiters are utilising, and how they can adopt to the new changes.


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