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In this new era of recruiting where your personality matters more than the skills and experiences you have accumulated throughout your career, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the ultimate game-changer for all.

Therefore, to identify the ideal talent pool for your organization, you have to start with an extensive candidate search. This entails for recruiters to screen the resumes for the vacant roles. However, it also seems that mapping the competence and scrolling through the endless amounts of resumes for job matching is a never-ending and mundane task for recruiters – but not for long! Artificial intelligence has come to make recruiting more enjoyable and easier for your hiring team. So, if AI is not here to steal our jobs but it’s not going to do your whole job for you, what is AI actually good for? Let us tell you.

What’s in this post?

  1. What is Behavioral Artificial Intelligence (BAI) in screening?
  2. Benefits of AI for Pre-screening CVs

What is Behavioral Artificial Intelligence (BAI) in screening?

Resume screening is no doubt, a manual task that is often repetitive and time-consuming. Furthermore, 80% of the resumes received do not qualify for the job role. Therefore, it is better to consider other aspects of the candidate that is not often visible on their CVs: personality.

In the same way that social sciences that have studied human cognition, inference, and behavior to study human relationships, Behavioral Artificial Intelligence (BAI) studies the artificial inferences inherent in, and the exhibited behavior of artificial systems. Surely enough, BAI is now starting to change the way we observe, and select people: it is now becoming more than surface-level interviewing. It is a dive deeper into how personality is the key to a successful work team

When searching for the ideal candidate that will fit perfectly into your company culture and contribute to the success of the organization, skills, and experiences are not necessarily the key deciding factors for introducing a new team member.

Have you ever looked at top performers in your organization, and thought about wanting to hire more employees that will perform as well as them? That is what BAI helps you with.

By pre-screening your candidates through an AI video, your hiring team receives a thorough analysis of your applicants’ personality traits and behavior, as well as getting a deeper insight as to what motivates and demotivates them in a workplace.

Luckily, Retorio’s behavioral intelligence platform offers a behavioral intelligence platform that will successfully help your company to develop the dream that also cultivates your company culture.

Therefore, instead of freewheeling an interview with a potential candidate where you focus largely on technical skills or answering hypotheticals that do not necessarily show you whether the candidate is going to match your target profile, having a BAI video as part of the recruitment process can save you all that back-and-forth Q&A time. Have your applicants answer one question you are curious to know about, for example, “What motivates you to work for us?”. From the answer they provide, the video observes all relevant characteristics and personality traits that will determine whether this applicant fits the company culture and your target profile.

Benefits of AI for pre-screening CVs

In the recruiting world, AI has become a massive time and lifesaver. By pre-screening your candidates and receiving a first impression that will accurately determine how successful a candidate can be in your organization, saves you time and resources. Therefore, some of the benefits of using AI for pre-screening CVs are:

Improve the quality of the recruitment process and objectivity: AI can assist in developing impartial candidate criteria when looking for the ideal new team member. The recruiting process can. benefit from AI's unbiased perspective. For example, AI may assist in determining which type of applicant would match the team in regards to the company's culture, what abilities the team could use more of, as well as predicting how well a candidate would fit a certain role. It basically completes the first major part of the process for you within minutes. 

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Anna Schosser

Written by Anna Schosser

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