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Caroline R. 27.02.2020 2 min read

Candidate Experience: Acknowledge Application

There are crucial times and opportunities where you should communicate with your candidates. Most importantly in order to:

Along all these steps, you manage the candidates' image of and overall experience with your company, thus affecting whether they apply for future positions or how they talk about your company to friends and family (or on platforms like or glassdoor).

After you have uploaded a job advertisement or actively started sourcing candidates for your position, you will --in the best case-- receive applications from your candidates. In the next step, you will let your candidates know that you received their documents. It is very important, however, that you write all your candidates an email acknowledging their application --even before starting with the preselection process.

In practice, candidates are often “ghosted” -left unnotified about the status of their application. Some recruiters only contact candidates who have been accepted for an interview. However, candidates will be thankful if you inform them about receiving their documents in the first place. This will be the first step to an open and mutual communication between you and your candidates --making their experience with your company worth while.

Creating an email template for acknowledging your candidates’ application --where you only have to personalize name and position-- will help you save time in the process. Even when you’re a small company with a limited HR department, informing all your candidates --by a partly or fully automated response system-- should be a top priority.

In this email you should let your candidates know:

  • That you appreciate their interest in your company
  • How long the reviewing process will take (timeframe)
  • Whether you’re missing required documents
  • In what way you will approach them for scheduling an interview (phone or email)
  • Who they will be contacted by in the next step

An example of how to integrate these steps into an email draft can be seen in the template below.


Email Template for Acknowledgement of Application

Subject: Receival of your application for _____ position

Dear Candidate Name,

This email is to let you know that we have received your application. We appreciate your interest in _____ [position] at ______ [company name] for which you applied.

We are currently reviewing applications and expect to schedule interviews in the next couple of weeks. If you are selected for an interview, you can expect an email/phone call from our Human Resources staff shortly [maybe be even more specific about timeframe].

Thank you, again, for your interest in our company. We do appreciate the time that you invested in this application.


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