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Caroline R. 27.02.2020 2 min read

Candidate Experience: Deliver a Joyous Job Offer

There are crucial times and opportunities where you should communicate with your candidates. Most importantly in order to:

Along all these steps, you manage the candidates' image of and overall experience with your company, thus affecting whether they apply for future positions or how they talk about your company to friends and family (or on platforms like or glassdoor).

After you have conducted interviews with the candidates, the next step will be to let them know whether or not they were chosen for the position. This means, you will be sending out job offers (or invitations to a second interview round) as well as rejection emails. It is very important, however, that you write all your candidates feedback.

If you have chosen a candidate for the job, you will be letting them know about this decision as a natural next step --hooray to me for stating the obvious here!

In doing so, you should not leave your candidate guessing but communicate clearly that you’re offering them a job. (Just like we don’t want to guess whether someone’s proposing to us --the response could become very awkward)

Also, you should keep in mind, that this offer will have to make the candidate jump up in excitement and make it impossible to decline. Your wording as well as offered benefits and salary will be considered closely by your candidate before accepting your offer. Thus, you'll have to make it quite a joyous experience!

Consequently, when sending out a job offer email, be sure to include the following:

  • Congratulations and excitement about having candidate on team
  • Job description and job title
  • Reporting structure
  • Starting date of employment
  • Salary, benefits information and eligibility
  • Response date
  • Acknowledgment of offer and confirmation of acceptance

An example of how to integrate these steps into an email draft can be seen in the template below.


Email Template for job offer

Subject: [company name] Job Offer

Dear Candidate Name,

We were all very excited to meet and get to know you throughout the past interview(s). We have been impressed with your background and would like to formally offer you the position of ____ [job title]. This is a ______ [mention working days and hours of position.] You will be reporting to the head of the ______ department.

We will be offering you an annual gross salary of _____ and [mention bonus programs, if applicable.] You will also have [mention benefits as per company policy and days of paid vacation per year].

Your expected starting date is ____. You will be asked to sign an employment contract and [mention agreements, like confidentiality, nondisclosure etc.] at the beginning of your employment.

We would like to have your response by ____. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me or [manager name] via email or phone on [provide contact details], should you have any questions.

We are all looking forward to having you on our team.

Best regards,

Hiring Manager


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