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Explaining the New Emerging Hiring Paradigm

By Elizabeth T. on Jul 20, 2021 12:27:17 PM

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered losses equivalent to 255 million full-time jobs and $3.7 trillion of income. Many of the jobs lost in 2020, particularly in hard-hit sectors like tourism and retail, will never return.

Hiring managers need to evaluate whether skills are suitable for a specific job. It’s incredibly important that employees possess the skills and knowledge to get things done and succeed in their position. Skill-building is one common job need: 74% of workers are willing to learn new skills or retrain in order to remain employable. 

But skills aside, how do hiring managers learn that a candidate would be a great fit as a team member? There’s no crystal ball to consult. Instead hiring managers and team leaders use their intuition to figure out whether someone would be fine enough to work with. Team members that find meaning in their work and that fit well with a team generate an additional $9,078 per worker, per year.

A man standing behind flat screen computer monitor with a room full of workers ;  pre-employment assessment

According to one study “Employees with very meaningful work, we found, spend one additional hour per week working, and take two fewer days of paid leave per year. In terms of sheer quantity of work hours, organizations will see more work time put in by employees who find greater meaning in that work”. Thus it really counts that a hiring manager not only consult whether a candidate has the right skills, but also learn more about their motivations and intrinsic values.

Hiring managers and organizational team members, through a series of interviews during the selection process, try to diagnose this.

While the digital transformation sped up because of the pandemic, it also highlighted how essential it is to learn more about what motivates a person. Some people learned they work well from home. Others learned they really do enjoy a blend of home office and work.

Product screen Retorio ;  pre-employment assessment


Retorio helps to answer: “How does it feel to work with this person?”

We’re looking at how personal qualities can translate, or be the counterpart to the skills diagnosis of a candidate.

How do you learn about these skills in how they manifest as personality traits?

Inspired by the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Work” study, here are the most in-demand skills in the world---and they can be detected through the lens of candidate personality.


  • Think critically : it will be increasingly important to make decisions, evaluate information and understand elements such as context, market reality, business opportunities and continuous evaluation of the way things are done.

  • Adapt social intelligence: professionals who have the skills to quickly assess the emotions of those around them and adapt their words, tone and gestures to the context of the situation will be highly valued. The ability to interact with colleagues, collaborators, bosses, clients and suppliers in an assertive manner, which makes it possible to motivate efficient interactions, will allow organizations to be much more efficient in their processes and in obtaining results.

  • Spark creativity: adapting to change will be a continuous factor of the new business reality and having the possibility of finding alternatives,getting out of traditional solutions, looking beyond the established and having an open thought favors the operation of organizations.

Two colleagues agreeing and high-five;  pre-employment assessment ;
  • Participate in teamwork: The pandemic experienced during the last year and the way in which organizations had to adopt their schemes to facilitate remote work, highlighted the value of having people integrated into the operation. Regardless of the channel through which they are related, timely communication is a fundamental factor.

  • Understand lots of information: in the face of new job challenges, it will be essential to have the ability to translate large amounts of abstract data, understand it and download it to the reality of the business. The information collected helps to project different scenarios; But workers with the skills to make decisions and project scenarios will be the ones who can really stand out and bring special value to organizations.

  • Aware of environmental impact: the increase in environmental awareness on the part of people and the end consumer are motivating a change in the way companies interact with their environment. Environmental sustainability or the green economy are models that industries will implement more decisively and having within the team people with a thought inspired by these factors will help fulfill their commitments and in the creation of solutions, products and processes with this DNA.

The world is shifting. Like employees constantly have to re-shift and re-hone their skill set, hiring managers too have to re-shift and rethink how they conduct their interviewing process. This includes understanding whether the candidate has the necessary skills (the hard data), but also should include understanding what kind of team member the new hire will be (the soft data). By combining these two points, talent management professionals will be able to offer a multi-faceted approach in making a more informed decision. 

group of people using laptop computer and discussing;  pre-employment assessment

Retorio is on the forefront of the paradigm shift into hiring for the person---beyond their skill set. Learning how a person may be as a team member saves valuable time in remaining competitive and sustained success.


pre-employment assessment

What Makes Elon Musk, Elon Musk?

Retorio is a video-based behavioral assessment powered by AI. It uses facial expression, language, gesture, and voice to create a Big 5 Personality profile.

Leading companies leverage Retorio's AI to support their own talent management teams. Our video-based AI was featured in TechCrunch and Süddeutsche Zeitung .

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