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Gone are the days when searching for the right talent for a job position was a longwinded, and tiresome task. Statistics show that 82% of HR personnel struggle with adoption challenges where there was not enough access to the right information about the candidates.

This results in difficulties finding the right applicants or failing to retain the high performers. Along with the constant pressure that companies face in scouting for top talents to up-skill their workforce, AI comes to the rescue in helping to reduce up to 40% of a recruiter’s time spent on repetitive and mundane tasks such as interview scheduling or automating the application process that screen resumes. Instead, the time saved can be spent improving the candidate experience and building relationships.

By getting to know the candidates deeper than what their resume has to offer, HR is taking into consideration the factors that are important to employees.

So what is it like being screened? It is eerie? Was it complicated? And what can we gain from this technology? Today we talked to Anna, our latest recruit to the Retorio Team as a Content Writer, and interviewed her to gain insight into her experience with Retorio’s recruitment process and whether this experience has changed any skepticism she had surrounding AI.

What motivated you to apply for this role at Retorio?

I was interested in the tasks I might face and what they had to offer, which was having a multicultural team, flexible working hours, and all the exciting team events that would take place. Their company culture also played a major role in my interest in the start-up. Funnily enough, this is also the same question I got asked during the screening process when I got to use their product. I also read about their product on their website and started to think about how I was most probably being analyzed through their AI Video software.

Had you used any AI software previously?

I had only heard about it but never used one before so I was completely new to it. I must admit, I had no idea what to expect at the start, but my skepticism quickly went away as I got to experience how fast and easy the entire recruiting process was. It was effectual, and I certainly got the feeling that Retorio wanted to get to know me better than what my CV has to offer. Going through the process was simple and easy, and the video interview did not give off the typical AI impression that people often have, and it felt very positive. The process also made it much easier and less stressful for me as a candidate. Also, getting through the five attempts I had at answering my question, I became more aware of my words, tone, and facial expressions as I knew that this would be the essence of whether I suited the job role.

Has your perception of AI changed as a result of working for Retorio?

Yes, definitely. I think my perception of AI was influenced by the idea that AI would replace human jobs, but now that I have learned more about what AI really is, and what it has to offer, I now see AI as more of a tool for humans, and that we can certainly benefit from it.

Retorio’s recruiting solution does not take away a person’s job, but instead supports the recruiting process, making it easier and more effective for the recruitment team and the candidate. For example, doctors use disease mapping with AI, so despite a doctor studying for ten years or so, it is not going to replace data. Data is a powerful tool that can strengthen and improve results, and after looking into that more, my mind opened.

Personally, I found this to be useful for both the candidate and the company because if the company is aware of what will encourage a candidate’s development at work, it can foster more improvement within the company culture as well. I encourage people to see AI in a more positive light.

What is your favorite thing about being here so far?

I love the company culture for sure, and the diversity of the group is also a big plus because with different nationalities and cultures around the workplace there are always interesting stories and perspectives to hear. In terms of the office, I enjoy the ambiance that the office has. It has a productive yet fun work atmosphere. On the other hand, it is also always nice to be able to take a quick break and have a catch-up with some of my co-workers from time to time.

What did you learn from the results that you got from your AI video?

I got to learn about the “first impression” that I give off to companies when being interviewed as well as how closely I fit into Retorio’s target profile according to the Big 5 personality traits. I learned how strong my autonomy and social bond is and even how well I deal with people in the workplace.

Some of these things I would have not been fully cognisant of myself. What interested me the most was the section that explained my characteristics as an employee: what motivates and demotivates me in a workplace because this is what gave me a chance to not only learn more about myself in a work environment but to also become mindful of what I should look out for to unleash my full potential.

Personally, I found the results to be very useful for both Retorio and myself as a candidate to know what will encourage and discourage my development at work. It is also valuable for the company culture that the firm considers this aspect.

Thinking about it, if I hadn’t gotten the job position, I would have still gained a lot of knowledge from the screening results for future job applications. I would know more about my strengths, and perhaps even what I could improve on. This all boils down to self-development, which is useful for everyone.

I must say #IGotThisJobThankstoAI because not only did I learn more about myself throughout the process, but I also got to fortify my awareness of the use of AI, and how it truly is something that humans benefit from.

As technology's capabilities develop, those that embrace artificial intelligence and use it to their advantage to optimize routine chores while infusing human talents and knowledge into the system are likely to gain the most. So, rather than taking an all-or-nothing approach to machine learning, it's time to warm up to the concept and identify the gaps that it can fill in our industry.

Since artificial intelligence and machine learning are tools that humans have created, it is possible that they are used in both positive and negative ways. However, the value that it brings into industries such as recruiting, transportation, and healthcare, is continuously growing. It allows humans to focus on what we do best and leaves any of the repetitive and tedious chores to AI. We can then spend quality time performing better at our jobs, which is a benefit of automation.

Retorio’s AI analysis is based on the Big Five, a universally acknowledged and advanced psychological model. The model uses five different variables (openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and neuroticism) to define a person’s personality. Despite personality traits not being able to predict behavior, the model can help in understanding how people respond, behave, and interpret certain situations differently than others in a similar setting.

If you'd like to explore and learn more about how Retorio can help organizations find success patterns in their workforce, and coach and develop personnel, click below to test out the AI for yourself.

Use AI to your advantage

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