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As co-founders and managing directors of Retorio, we often get asked how we leverage Retorio's AI in our own company.

You might know Retorio as a video recruiting technology but there are plenty of other ways to make use of our groundbreaking underlying technology. Here is how our co-founders Christoph and Patrick leverage Retorio's groundbreaking technology.

Talent Acquisition

When we started Retorio, we quickly learned that soft factors, such as personality and communication skills, often beat hard factors, such as academic qualifications and prior experience. Highly motivated people that fit well into our culture usually can acquire a missing hard skills quickly. However, it is a lot harder for us to integrate people into our culture whose personality and attitude do not match, irrespective of whether they have plenty of relevant work experience.

Thus, in our hiring process we ALWAYS prioritize personality, soft skills, and motivation over hard skills. Our recruiting process starts with a short one-way video interview. This way, we get to know our candidates' personality from the start and we ensure that EVERY candidate has a chance to leave a personal impression. We also collect CVs, as they will help us to put personality into context. But in looking at CVs, we always keep in mind that they just reflect the past, and that our focus should lie on the future.

Video interviews not only enable us to get to know our candidates in depth at a stage where other companies still look at CVs. They also provide us with an opportunity to give our candidates more insights into our team and culture. In the end, it's all about creating a perfect match, and the more a candidate knows about us, the better.

For instance, as part of the interviewing process, we let some of our own team members talk about their work at Retorio on video. This way, we instanly create a human connection with the candidate and we ensure that our candidates derive a good understanding of what we have to offer (and what not).

All video applications we receive are analyzed by our Artificial Intelligence, which quantifies the behavior in the video and derives an objective personality profile of the candidates. Retorio's AI ensures that we get a second opinion and that we can judge candidates's personality and soft skills as objectively as possible. This way, we avoid discriminating people based on their gender, ethnicity, or age (it's very hard for human recruiters to ignore these factors).

We openly communicate our methods to our candidates. This way we can make sure they understand why the use of an AI is in their best interest.

Retorio's recruiting process

interview process1211


Organizational Development

When we build teams we know that it's all about finding matching personalities that enhance each other. We use Retorio's Big5 analysis to get to know our own teams and our culture better. The technology helps us combine people with compatible personalities.

For this purpose, we created an internal Retorio video assessment where we ask some questions about daily life at Retorio. We regularly invite our people to answer these questions on video. Our AI analyses the answers (including mood changes, engagement, energy, etc.) and aggregates all results on a personal, team, and organizational level.

This gives us powerful data to work with: For example, we know from scientific research that agreeable people tend to communicate well with extroverted people. Extraverts are sensitive to rewards and social attention. Individuals with high agreeableness value common goals and interpersonal harmony. Team members who score high on conscientiousness tend to value personal fulfilment and tidiness. Colleagues scoring high on openness tend to be the ones to offer creativity, innovation and intellectual stimulation, etc.

Obviously, for a human it is very hard to consider all these relations when assigning people to teams. Yet, for Retorio's AI this is a comparatively easy task. Accordingly, we employ our AI to identify perfect matches and assign people into teams that enhance their individual strengths.


Leadership and Training

After bringing new people on board, it's all about bringing them up-to-speed as quickly as possible. Therefore, we provide all new hires and existing team members with access to their Retorio assessment results. This way, we ensure that our new employees get a feeling for how they are perceived by other people and we can provide them with useful tips and hints how they can improve their behavior.

As part of the onboarding procedure we identify areas for development and create a personal Retorio account through which they can continuously challenge themselves and grow into leaders. But we we do not stop here.

Through Retorio's video assessments we can simulate different scenarios that our employees face in their daily lives and measure their behavior in these situations. Our AI analyses reactions and informs our team people to which extent their behavior was helpful or detrimental in the respective scenario.

Moreover, while viewing their response on video, our employees learn to put themselves into the shoes of others and they become more self-reflective and empathic. Our training approach is cost-effective, highly scalable and purely data-driven. Accordingly, it's no surprise that more and more clients started adopting our internal training approach.

 Retorio training environment


Closing the Data Loop

By using Retorio across different use cases, we are able to streamline talent acquisition with leadership, training, and organizational development. Moreover, we can leverage Retorio to transfer knowledge between different use cases. 

For instance, the data that we generate internally as part of our organizational development and training efforts helps us improve our hiring process. By analyzing our team regularly we derive a better understanding of the factors that drive our culture and performance. We know more and more about the different personality types that work in our company.

Retorio helps us figure out how we need to combine these different personalities to create great results. We then can transfer this knowledge into our recruitment process, where our AI helps us prioritizes candidates, that fit into our culture. In short, for all incoming appliactions our AI instantly predicts how well the candidate will fit into our teams and into our overall culture.


The Retorio data loop




Retorio is not just a helpful recruiting technology but it can add value in many other contexts where people interact with other people. We recommend sharing your Retorio account with different business units to find out where else Retorio might help you.

If you are interested in trying out Retorio on yourself or on your team, feel free to sign up for a free trial 

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Dr. Patrick Oehler

Written by Dr. Patrick Oehler

Co-founder and MD, Retorio GmbH

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