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Taking Talent Management to the Next Level with AI

Get the latest insights on talent acquisition, learning & development, training, video AI, video recruitment and more. 

Anna Schosser 20.03.2023 8 min read

What is a Behavioral Intelligence Platform?

  In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business world, companies need to stay ahead of ...
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Anna Schosser 15.03.2023 9 min read

How To Make a Good Recruitment Video?

In today's competitive job market, recruitment videos have become an increasingly popular ...
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Anna Schosser 13.03.2023 5 min read

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Video Recruitment Platform

In today's competitive job market, recruiters are constantly on the search to find new ...
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Anna Schosser 28.02.2023 5 min read

What is an AI-based video interview?

An AI-based video interview is more common in the current world or HR than we may think. ...
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Anna Schosser 14.02.2023 6 min read

BreakOut Podcast Recap: AI & Objective Hiring Decisions

Back in November 2022, Christoph Hohenberger co-founder of Retorio took part in a podcast ...
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Anna Schosser 08.02.2023 8 min read

What is a One-way Video Interview? All You Need to Know

In the recent years, one-way video interviews have become an increasingly popular tool ...
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Anna Schosser 01.02.2023 7 min read

What is a Pre-Recorded Video Interview? A Guide for Recruiters

Pre-recorded video interviews is one of the best ways to score your ideal candidate, and ...
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Anna Schosser 02.01.2023 6 min read

What Is a Video Interview Platform? Definition and Tips For Success

A video Interview platform is revolutionizing the way recruiters hire new employees. By ...
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Anna Schosser 30.11.2022 7 min read

How Do I Prepare Video Interview Questions for Candidates?

How often do you sit at your desk trying to come up with questions you are going to ask ...
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Anna Schosser 24.11.2022 7 min read

4 Reasons Why You Should Use an AI Video Recruitment Platform

The world of recruiting is evolving every day, which is why the implementation of an AI ...
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Anna Schosser 04.11.2022 9 min read

How I Got My Job Thanks to AI ft. Lucy Schneider

Do you know that feeling after sending your CV to hundreds of companies, and hoping that ...
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Briah 11.09.2022 5 min read

Online Sales Training Courses: Tips for Success

Sales is the soul of the company. A good strategy is worth nothing without a good sales ...
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Anna Schosser 04.09.2022 6 min read

Do's and Don'ts for a Successful AI Talent Acquisition

As we have grown to know, implementing AI into your talent acquisition routine is the ...
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Anna Schosser 25.08.2022 8 min read

Why You Should Build Your Candidate Pool Now

Time and time again, there is talk of the “War of talents” that is frequently discussed. ...
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Anna Schosser 28.07.2022 5 min read

Volume Hiring Made Easy with AI Video Interviews

How often is it, that volume hiring can become quite overwhelming at times? As we know, ...
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Anna Schosser 13.06.2022 4 min read

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

As we step into Pride month this June, it is now one of the best times to review the ...
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Anna Schosser 30.05.2022 3 min read

Behavioral AI vs AI for Pre-screening CVs

In this new era of recruiting where your personality matters more than the skills and ...
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Anna Schosser 28.03.2022 9 min read

Why Personality Is the Key Ingredient For Success

Throughout the years, resumes, references, and interviews have been the standard ...
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Briah 11.03.2022 7 min read

What is Soft Skill Training and Why is it so Essential?

Soft skill training has become more important now than ever. With the introduction of new ...
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Anna Schosser 10.03.2022 6 min read

How AI can help #BreaktheBias in the Workplace

There has never been a more important time to assess the future of women in the ...
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