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2 min read

How to write an email template for scheduling a (AI) video interview

By Christoph H. on Nov 20, 2019 2:56:48 PM

How to write an email template for scheduling an interview – with AI. The following How-To guidelines serve as an anchor to assist recruiters in crafting invitation emails for video interviews. While a lot of automation and ATS systems are already in place, the magic, human touch remains in high-demand. 

Topics: AI Video Recruiting
12 min read

WHY Video is the New Resume (CV) for Candidates and Companies

By Elizabeth T. on Nov 18, 2019 9:41:27 PM

If you enjoyed 80’s pop music, you may remember the Buggles’ one-hit wonder with its lyrics:"Video killed the radio star/ Video killed the radio star”. The song speaks of how video in the late 20th century annihilated the industry of radio and broadcasting. Not too different from how video is, uh, killing the resume. 

Topics: AI Video Recruiting