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Taking Talent Management to the Next Level with AI

Get the latest insights on talent acquisition, learning & development, training, video AI, video recruitment and more. 

Anna Schosser 20.03.2023 8 min read

What is a Behavioral Intelligence Platform?

  In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business world, companies need to stay ahead of ...
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Anna Schosser 15.03.2023 9 min read

How To Make a Good Recruitment Video?

In today's competitive job market, recruitment videos have become an increasingly popular ...
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Briah 13.03.2023 5 min read

The Best Video Coaching Platform in 2023

Corporate training has come a long way in the past decade.
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Anna Schosser 13.03.2023 5 min read

4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Video Recruitment Platform

In today's competitive job market, recruiters are constantly on the search to find new ...
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Briah 07.03.2023 5 min read

3 Essential Tips for Engaging Sales Training

Picture this: As an L&D (learning and development) leader, you invest a significant ...
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Christoph Hohenberger 02.03.2023 2 min read

Sales Enablement with AI-coaching – How to build and provide relevant training

Many coaching and learning initiatives are often time-consuming and are independent of ...
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Anna Schosser 28.02.2023 5 min read

What is an AI-based video interview?

An AI-based video interview is more common in the current world or HR than we may think. ...
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Briah 24.02.2023 4 min read

AI-Tech Events: Upcoming in Q1 & Q2!

The new year brings a host of exciting events. From the Retorio home base in Munich, all ...
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Briah 16.02.2023 5 min read

Workplace Soft Skills: You NEED them and Here's Why

Picture this: your company acquires a new team member, Jenny, who is highly skilled and ...
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Anna Schosser 14.02.2023 6 min read

BreakOut Podcast Recap: AI & Objective Hiring Decisions

Back in November 2022, Christoph Hohenberger co-founder of Retorio took part in a podcast ...
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Anna Schosser 08.02.2023 8 min read

What is a One-way Video Interview? All You Need to Know

In the recent years, one-way video interviews have become an increasingly popular tool ...
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Briah 07.02.2023 7 min read

10 Essential Soft Skills to Succeed in Customer Service

As customer expectations rise at a time when we are facing talent shortages and major ...
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Anna Schosser 01.02.2023 7 min read

What is a Pre-Recorded Video Interview? A Guide for Recruiters

Pre-recorded video interviews is one of the best ways to score your ideal candidate, and ...
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Briah 27.01.2023 6 min read

Tech Sales: Best Tech Sales Training Programs in 2023

It can be challenging to keep up with the constant influx of new technologies that are ...
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Briah 15.12.2022 4 min read

What are the Best Sales Training Programs for Medical Sales Reps?

The pharmaceutical sector employs approximately 63,000 people and generates a market ...
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Anna Schosser 30.11.2022 7 min read

How Do I Prepare Video Interview Questions for Candidates?

How often do you sit at your desk trying to come up with questions you are going to ask ...
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Briah 29.11.2022 7 min read

Top 5 Corporate Sales Training MUST-HAVES to Boost Sales

Are your sales reps converting every lead that comes their way?  Probably not, and that's ...
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Anna Schosser 24.11.2022 7 min read

4 Reasons Why You Should Use an AI Video Recruitment Platform

The world of recruiting is evolving every day, which is why the implementation of an AI ...
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Briah 18.11.2022 5 min read

Grow your Business: Follow these Cost Reduction Strategies

Cost cutting, decreasing budgets, cost reductions, lowering cost bases… the daily ...
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Briah 17.11.2022 6 min read

The Best B2B Sales Training Programs

We are no longer in an era where b2b sales training means flying in an “expert sales ...
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