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6 min read

The Science Behind Team Chemistry

By Elizabeth T. on Jun 24, 2020 12:48:14 PM

Companies are on the hunt for that special formula that makes a team magic. Fortunately, science sheds light on how teams can perform. Deloitte’s national managing director Kim Christfort and Suzanne M. Johnson Vickberg performed a comprehensive study on team chemistry. They created questionnaires, similar to a pre-employment assessment, which contain business-relevant traits and preferences. Christfort and Vickberg are a social-personality psychologist and Deloitte’s Business Chemistry lead researcher respectively.

Topics: Science Organizational Culture
6 min read

5 Steps to Implement Racial Equity in Your Workplace

By Elizabeth T. on Jun 15, 2020 12:17:18 PM

The police killing of George Floyd in Detroit, Michigan sparked peaceful demonstrations around the world. Thousands gather in cities across the world to show solidarity with US demonstrators, protesting racial injustice within the US police system.

Topics: Diversity Organizational Culture
6 min read

With 15 Million Users, What Does This HR Manager Focus On?

By Caroline R. on May 12, 2020 2:43:43 PM

In a remote interview, HR Manager at VirtuaGym, Sandrien de Nijs tells us about her role in scaling up at the fitness coaching company. She shares with us how the role of the employee has changed for the better, why they don't have difficulty in finding tech talent, and the challenges in managing talent, especially during this time of COVID-19. 

Topics: Pre-Employment Testing Organizational Culture
5 min read

Contactless buildings, customized carpet, and COVID-19: the New Office

By Elizabeth T. on May 11, 2020 2:45:29 PM

The trend for working from home may suit some companies while they redesign their office spaces to cater to new social distancing guidelines. Nearly every company is clamouring to find how to make their business processes digital, from finding an online recruitment system to team brainstorming. Business leaders are not only looking to solve for the short-term, but also for the long-term consequences of COVID-19. 

Topics: AI Video Recruiting Pre-Employment Testing Organizational Culture
7 min read

Post-Coronavirus: 10 Ways the World of Work Will Change

By Elizabeth T. on Apr 28, 2020 9:42:24 AM

The biggest question on everyone’s mind: what will the new normal be? What’s going to happen to the workplace? The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has generated new insights into how employees and employers will reshape the workplace. For decades, there has been a discussion on “future of work”. Currently, this is it. With many companies using work-from-home policies to continue operations, for example, there will be a waterfall of changes to come.

Topics: Organizational Culture
8 min read

Organizational Culture and Piktochart's Culture of Empathy

By Elizabeth T. on Mar 12, 2020 4:53:40 PM

Let’s examine one company who puts empathy at the core of what they do: Piktochart. Values lay at the core of Piktochart’s organizational culture and processes. Plenty of companies say they have a mission, values, and vision, but employees don’t necessarily feel a company’s values day-in and day-out. One root value may be missing in in the daily, empathy.

Topics: Organizational Culture
8 min read

Recruiters, This Could Ruin Your Work Life (and Candidate Sourcing)

By Elizabeth T. on Mar 3, 2020 4:45:32 PM

Recruiters have a lot to juggle: sourcing talent, finding qualified candidates, building resume databases, and ensuring candidates walk away with a positive impression regardless of outcome. With so many people and processes to consider, a hiring manager may be struggling with the silent killer of perfectionism. If companies are worried over quality candidate sourcing, they should take great care of keeping perfectionism out of their workplace.

Topics: Organizational Culture
9 min read

Personality: the New Rule in Hiring for Job Fit

By Elizabeth T. on Feb 20, 2020 3:53:27 PM

If a company is not applying job fit to every position they’re posting, they risk accepting hiring ill-fitting candidates. Personality impacts everything on the job--from how they collect and observe information, their clothing choice, their relationship with colleagues, and what aspects of a job they’d enjoy (or hate). Personality doesn’t stop a single person An organization, a team, or the job itself can have a personality of its own. That’s why more and more companies, from Goldman Sachs to Disney, are assessing individual personality for job fit. We’ve saved one customer, HappyCar, over 70% in time-to-hire for their recruitment team by delving into the personality of candidates.

Topics: Organizational Culture
9 min read

Organizational Culture: the 6 Facets of a Strong, Brave Company

By Blog Team on Jan 17, 2020 10:21:05 AM

“Culture, we want a strong company culture” is probably one of the most common cries from corporate. A study of over 1,400 North American CEOs and CFOs found that 90% said culture was important at their organizations; one reason why executives want a strong, brave company culture is that it often leads to satisfied employees. Satisfied employees outperform competitors by 20%; happy employees are 12% more productive than those who dislike their positions.

Topics: Organizational Culture
11 min read

What is Values-based recruitment and why it's changing the talent game

By Blog Team on Nov 20, 2019 4:30:00 PM

Value-based hiring or recruitment is not a new approach in the talent acquisition world. The idea has long been in the recruitment industry. The recent focus on the significance of cultural fit and strategic hiring is what brought plenty of advantages for the companies looking for the perfect candidates. The overall process from strategic hiring to recruitment is termed as “value-based hiring.”

Topics: Organizational Culture

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