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Taking Talent Management to the Next Level with AI

Get the latest insights on talent acquisition, learning & development, training, video AI, video recruitment and more. 

Briah 07.03.2023 5 min read

3 Essential Tips for Engaging Sales Training

Picture this: As an L&D (learning and development) leader, you invest a significant ...
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Anna Schosser 14.02.2023 6 min read

BreakOut Podcast Recap: AI & Objective Hiring Decisions

Back in November 2022, Christoph Hohenberger co-founder of Retorio took part in a podcast ...
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Briah 14.10.2022 6 min read

What is Behavior Analysis and How Can it Help You? The Complete Guide

Picture this: You're a sales representative who is constantly on a mission to lead ...
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Briah 07.10.2022 4 min read

Workplace Behavior Training: Eliminate Toxic Culture for Good

Over 60% of negative workplace outcomes are due to toxic workplace behavior. Toxic may be ...
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Anna Schosser 06.10.2022 7 min read

5 Lessons from Tesco's Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is one of the biggest aspects of a company’s viability and ...
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Anna Schosser 13.09.2022 9 min read

5 Ways to Improve Corporate Culture

Corporate culture has been an important part of an organization for as long as we can ...
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Briah 28.08.2022 5 min read

The Top 3 Soft Skill Examples from Top Performers

In a post-pandemic world where social and emotional skills are high in demand, it’s more ...
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Briah 21.08.2022 6 min read

Hard Skills vs Soft Skills. What's the Difference?

Hard skills and soft skills are terms we often hear when talking about job requirements, ...
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Briah 13.08.2022 7 min read

Why It's Time to Create a Learning & Development Plan Now

The past couple of years has thrown all sorts of curveballs at us.
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Briah 20.05.2022 4 min read

L&D 101: Everything You Need to Know

Reinforcing a healthy company culture, retaining skilled employees, attracting top ...
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Anna Schosser 26.04.2022 6 min read

The Great Resignation: How AI Can Help Reduce Employee Churn

It’s been two and a half years since Covid-19 has shifted the way in which humans operate ...
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Anna Schosser 28.03.2022 9 min read

Why Personality Is the Key Ingredient For Success

Throughout the years, resumes, references, and interviews have been the standard ...
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Anna Schosser 10.03.2022 6 min read

How AI can help #BreaktheBias in the Workplace

There has never been a more important time to assess the future of women in the ...
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Briah 25.01.2022 5 min read

What Role can AI Play in Building a Successful L&D Strategy?

“What is the return on learning?” “How effective are our learning programmes?” These are ...
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Briah 24.12.2021 4 min read

Talent Management Trends to Stay Ahead in 2022

The future of work has arrived ahead of schedule – in 2021 we started to realise that the ...
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Elizabeth T. 11.11.2021 12 min read

How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Sales Manager

You may be a sales manager overseeing the growth of your team, or a hiring manager ...
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Briah 27.09.2021 6 min read

The 5 Facets of Every Organization with Strong Company Culture

Why is culture so important to a business? AirBnB co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky puts it ...
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Briah 24.09.2021 6 min read

Companies with Exceptional Company Cultures

All firms have corporate cultures. The difference is, that some firms have cultures which ...
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Briah 14.09.2021 5 min read

How AI Can Help Build Company Culture

Company culture has arguably always been an important factor for businesses to thrive. ...
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Elizabeth T. 16.07.2021 5 min read

Personality: the difference between the old and new hiring paradigm

Personality makes the world go 'round. Depending on the people you come across, they can ...
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