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7 min read

The Cost of a Toxic Culture and How to Fix It

By Elizabeth T. on Apr 6, 2021 5:33:53 PM

We all experience bad days at work. It may be the project overload, a colleague having a bad day, or when everything seems to be “off”. A pre-employment assessment or a fancy talent management strategy can't prevent it. Negative experiences happen. But a toxic workplace culture is not a one-off situation; it’s more than a bad day. It’s a serious issue that undermines all processes within a company.

Topics: Diversity Organizational Culture
9 min read

Einsatz von Retorio im Personalwesen - Warum KI zu objektiveren Entscheidungen führt

By Retorio Founders on Mar 23, 2021 8:05:14 PM

Retorio wurde 2018 von Dr. Christoph Hohenberger und Dr. Patrick Oehler an der TU München gegründet. Ziel des Unternehmens ist es, Jobsuchenden und Firmen mittels neuer Technologien dabei zu helfen, bessere Entscheidungen zu treffen, fairere Prozesse zu gestalten und möglichst vielen Menschen Zugang zu individualisierter und möglichst persönlicher Weiterbildung zu ermöglichen.

Um ein besseres Verständnis zu vermitteln, was Retorio ist und wie es funktioniert, haben wir die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten zu Retorio im Folgenden zusammengefasst.

Topics: Science Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Diversity Pre-Employment Testing Candidate Experience Organizational Culture
7 min read

Here’s What the Ivy League Says About Hiring From the Outside

By Elizabeth T. on Mar 18, 2021 1:54:31 PM

Hiring from the outside may seem like the natural step when a position opens up. It’s pretty common, after all. If you’re looking for new retention strategies for employees, you may want to consider your recruitment and hiring practice. The costs of hiring outside talent may outweigh the alternative: internal hiring. It goes beyond monetary compensation or the number of ads or sponsorship needed to seek outside hires. There are other considerations for fast-moving organizations. 

Topics: Diversity Organizational Culture
6 min read

6 Values to Guide Candidate-Centric Hiring

By Elizabeth T. on Feb 24, 2021 2:03:01 PM

Creating a candidate centric hiring process begins with empathy. In fact, in the famous design thinking methodology created by IDEO and incubated at Stanford University, empathy is always the leading first step. When it comes to a pre-employment assessment or any other part of the candidate experience journey, lead with empathy and follow with thought.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence Pre-Employment Testing Organizational Culture
5 min read

If You Lead a Company, Lead Yourself: Training to Check Out

By Elizabeth T. on Feb 5, 2021 5:02:36 PM

You lead people, but how well do you lead yourself? As a leader at your company, you may be the one calling the shots, making the decisions, and looking out for your team’s growth. But how do you feel you’re learning? How are you improving your decision making? How do you continue to grow, even with your experience and know-how?

U.S. corporations spend a healthy amount on training and development: $356 billion globally. on employee training and education, but they aren’t getting a good return on their investment. People soon revert to old ways of doing things, and company performance doesn’t improve. 

Topics: Organizational Culture
6 min read

What to Look for in an Employee Training Software (Choose Wisely)

By Elizabeth T. on Feb 3, 2021 6:33:48 PM

You may have come across a teeny, tiny challenge of this current pandemic: training employees remotely. You may need help in finding an employee training software that suits your needs. For companies across the globe, training the workforce---despite present constraints---may be  an opportunity to digitize training. It's an opportunity, but it may feel a bit stressful. There's so many options on the market. You may feel a bit like the movie character Indiana Jones in "Indian Jones and the Last Crusade"; he had to choose the right cup or suffer the consequences. 

But that's why you're here. You recognize it's important. Flexible working has its pros and --- if you choose wisely--- training remotely may have its pros as well.  Finding a digital tool that provides rapid feedback and plugs in seamlessly with your other tools is a given. What are the other considerations?

Topics: AI Video Recruiting Candidate Experience Organizational Culture
7 min read

Before AI recruiting, You Should Conduct This Skills Gap Analysis

By Elizabeth T. on Jan 29, 2021 4:44:04 PM

Apart from the more general benefits of “more efficiency” and “resource optimization”, a gap analysis can help to identify very specific areas for improvement, and provide guidance towards actionable steps for improving processes, products, services, or anything that is being examined within the framework.

Topics: Organizational Culture
8 min read

4 Ways to Rebuild Revenue Amidst Uncertainty

By Elizabeth T. on Jan 27, 2021 1:27:38 PM

Recovering revenue is the Number One issue right now for C-suite leaders. What strategies should your business pursue despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, the resulting economic slow-down, and changing global policies?  We’re presenting 4 ways that companies can look to transform amidst the shifting social and environmental dynamics.

In general, we’ve nearly all experienced the effects of a frazzled economy. However it may be the spell of 2020, but the year’s special concoction mixed a global health emergency, governmental instability, changing tax regulations, and shifting work patterns in less than a 12-month period. 

Topics: Organizational Culture
7 min read

These 5 Steps Will Improve Your Employer Branding

By Elizabeth T. on Jan 20, 2021 11:56:09 AM

You don't have to have it all together to be a great company. While high revenues and returns are great---and no one hates an organized company---people want to work for a company that has a mission that resonates with their values. These mutual interests can be found in a pre-employment assessment or in a job interview, but what comes after? How do companies ensure that employees continue to love the place they work? How can they convince outside talent that their organization is the place they ought to be? 

Topics: Organizational Culture
5 min read

Expect the Unexpected in the 2021 Workplace

By Elizabeth T. on Jan 18, 2021 2:11:56 PM

No one saw 2020 coming. It became a matter of urgent necessity to create people-centric policies and initiatives to create a safer world---and to move fast. At first, it was business as usual: the Olympics in Japan were going to happen, Brexit owned the headlines, and the ramping up of the 2020 Presidential election.

Topics: Pre-Employment Testing Organizational Culture
5 min read

These are the leadership skills COVID-19 is inspiring

By Elizabeth T. on Jan 14, 2021 3:34:21 PM

We're moving into the second year of the pandemic and organizations are quickly learning a few things to re-prioritize. For example, making their pre-employment assessments and interviews remote. Or hosting company Christmas parties via Zoom. It's a new era and a new era demands new leadership skills.

Topics: Organizational Culture
5 min read

How the World's Happiest Countries Put People First in the Workplace

By Elizabeth T. on Jan 6, 2021 1:05:26 PM

A happy workforce doesn't rely on taking a fast pre-employment assessment or a slow lunch. The world's happiest countries may have something to share with us in how to create happier workplaces.

Topics: Organizational Culture
5 min read

A Message from Retorio's Founders: How We Leverage Our Own AI to Improve Performance

By Dr. Patrick Oehler on Dec 22, 2020 12:58:45 PM

As co-founders and managing directors of Retorio, we often get asked how we leverage Retorio's AI in our own company.

You might know Retorio as a video recruiting technology but there are plenty of other ways to make use of our groundbreaking underlying technology. Here is how our co-founders Christoph and Patrick leverage Retorio's groundbreaking technology.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence AI Video Recruiting Pre-Employment Testing Organizational Culture
11 min read

The Ultimate Podcast List for Every Facet of Your Career

By Elizabeth T. on Dec 8, 2020 1:22:11 PM

Podcasting is good for your brain. Materials scientist and engineer Titi Shodiya and molecular biologist Zakiya Whatley of Dope Labs share why podcasting is healthy. "Your brain is a complex organ; at any given moment, various parts of your brain are firing off different messages." When we consume information, we activate a particular brain pathway known as the “reward pathway”, which releases a favorite chemical: dopamine. It’s the chemical that gives us a warm and fuzzy feeling when we’re experiencing pleasure.

Topics: Candidate Experience Organizational Culture
6 min read

Humble Leadership: What This 1,020 Year Old Japanese Shop Teaches Us

By Elizabeth T. on Dec 4, 2020 11:21:04 AM

For some unexplained reason, most people are unable to define what humility is. Some dictionaries equate it to low self-esteem or meekness. One survey found 56% of 5th and 6th graders said that the humble are embarrassed, sad, lonely or shy. Even adults confuse humility with humiliation, recounting past experiences of when they felt embarrassed. 

Topics: Organizational Culture
20 min read

HR is Hitting TikTok: Follow These Breakout Stars

By Elizabeth T. on Dec 1, 2020 12:00:30 PM

TikTok stars and Instagram Influencers are not only making up dances to hit songs or posting about their recent holiday. These platforms allow various kinds of knowledge to be spread. For the hiring and recruitment world, this social media presents a special opportunity for professionals to spread their knowledge. If you’re looking to change careers,  gain more responsibility, or create new employee retention strategies, you may want to check out these accounts.  

Topics: AI Video Recruiting Candidate Experience Organizational Culture
9 min read

If You’re Looking to Understand the New Workplace, Watch These Films

By Elizabeth T. on Nov 25, 2020 8:04:20 PM

With the impact of COVID-19 ubiquitous in the world of work, aren’t we all wondering what else can be different in the workplace? We’ve got the usual robots-replacing-humans tale. You know, the ones that  will replace junior lawyers and hamburger flippers. But what other considerations haven’t we thought about you? What influences have shaped our work? What unusual careers lay out in the periphery? What changes lay beyond rethinking employee retention strategies or deploying a new pre-employment assessment? 

Topics: Artificial Intelligence Organizational Culture
6 min read

You Want Me To Make More Promises to Improve Employee Relations?

By Elizabeth T. on Sep 22, 2020 10:45:56 AM

The promise is one of humankind’s most primitive psychological mechanisms that fosters trust, cooperation, and partnership formation. Creating healthy employee relations involves building trust between management and team. A AI-powered pre-employment assessment (cough) may assist in team building, but employee relations play an important role in creating cooperative agreements. You could say employee relations is a promise in action: acknowledging and making the vowed effort to deliver. 

Topics: Pre-Employment Testing Candidate Experience Organizational Culture
6 min read

Green Recruiting is New Standard: How to Start

By Elizabeth T. on Sep 16, 2020 1:50:26 PM

Mitigating risk, a strong employer brand, and gaining top-notch talent are the dreams of hiring managers. But not a single thing can address all of these desires, right? Well, the research shows green recruiting carries some serious benefits. The aforementioned are the by-products of organizations doing the right thing---and integrating those initiatives into their hiring and recruitment process. AI in recruiting may be the new kid in town, but green recruiting is how the town is won over. 

Topics: AI Video Recruiting Pre-Employment Testing Organizational Culture
6 min read

Motherhood makes employees more productive. You don’t look surprised.

By Elizabeth T. on Sep 15, 2020 10:04:43 AM

According to a working paper series by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, motherhood may be an indicator that a person may be particularly productive at the workplace. Mothers around the world will likely won’t be surprised to hear this. Between child rearing at home, leaning into their own personal development in private, being a competent team member at work, and other roles, mothers are in a constant balancing act. The St. Louis study analyzed the productivity habits of both female and male academic economists. Thus far, their conclusion: “unconditional effect of motherhood is zero”.

Topics: Diversity Pre-Employment Testing Organizational Culture

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