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Taking Talent Management to the Next Level with AI

Get the latest insights on talent acquisition, learning & development, training, video AI, video recruitment and more. 

Dr. Patrick Oehler 26.10.2022 4 min read

What is Behavioral Intelligence?

Behavioral intelligence refers to the capability to combine cognitive intelligence, ...
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Briah 17.02.2022 7 min read

The Big Five & the MBTI Personality Test: What’s the Difference?

Obviously, every person has a unique personality that develops and changes over the ...
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Briah 05.11.2021 5 min read

From Coffee Seller to Tech Sales Expert

Finding the right talent for a job is no easy task, especially when you don’t know what ...
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Briah 16.09.2021 5 min read

How Artificial Intelligence Helps Fight Employee Burnout

Have you ever heard of someone who started a new job full of enthusiasm and excitement, ...
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Briah 07.09.2021 5 min read

Why Small Businesses Need to Level Up Their Recruitment Process

Owning a small businesses is certainly no easy job - especially amidst a global pandemic.
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Briah 25.08.2021 5 min read

The 5 Personalities Every Successful Team Needs to Have

You may be a jack of all trades, but you're definitely a master of none if you can't work ...
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Elizabeth T. 14.05.2021 10 min read

How Humans Detect Emotions in Faces?

As a recruiter, you understand that without pre-employment tests, evaluating a ...
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Elizabeth T. 28.04.2021 6 min read

Healthcare Recruitment Industry Challenges

The hiring process can be challenging and stressful for an employer, no matter what ...
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Retorio Founders 23.03.2021 10 min read

Einsatz von Retorio im Personalwesen

Retorio wurde 2018 von Dr. Christoph Hohenberger und Dr. Patrick Oehler an der TU München ...
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Elizabeth T. 13.11.2020 8 min read

Which Psychological Defenses Do You Bring to Work?

When we come to work, we bring our hard skills, like data crunching and Photoshop; we ...
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Elizabeth T. 08.10.2020 6 min read

How AI Works: the Nuts and Bolts

Artificial intelligence (AI) is pretty mainstream. It's about everything---to Netflix ...
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Elizabeth T. 24.09.2020 6 min read

Jung’s Archetypes in the Workplace: Questions to Reflect

In a world of AI in recruiting, a digital-first pre-employment assessment, and people ...
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Elizabeth T. 18.06.2020 3 min read

What is the difference between facial expression detection and recognition?

Facial expressions play an important role in recognition of emotions and are used in the ...
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Elizabeth T. 28.05.2020 5 min read

What's the Difference Between the Big 5, the Enneagram, and MBTI?

People often ask us why we based our AI-powered personality and communication analysis on ...
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Caroline R. 05.02.2020 7 min read

Extreme Personalities at Work and in Life - Is More Always Better?

“Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you” “Don’t stop when you’re ...
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Elizabeth T. 30.01.2020 9 min read

Hiring with an AI Personality Test? You *Need* These 2 Metrics

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Elizabeth T. 10.01.2020 13 min read

History of the Big 5: Why This Online Psychometric Test Packs a Punch

We often receive questions about the Big 5 personality model, and its scientific ...
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Elizabeth T. 07.01.2020 12 min read

Your Mom Jokes You're Neurotic, But Really, Are You?

“Ain’t no party like a neurotic party”, said no one ever. Mostly because it would tend to ...
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Elizabeth T. 07.01.2020 11 min read

The Science Behind the Big 5 and How It Impacts AI

Personality is usually defined by the set of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts that arise ...
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Elizabeth T. 02.01.2020 13 min read

Dimensions of Personality: Conscientiousness and Agreeableness

You may not be familiar with George A. Miller, but you may be familiar with some of the ...
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