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Interviewing candidates, ensuring a smooth candidate experience, sending out a pre-employment assessment, and ranking profiles are all in a day's work for talent managers.
But let's be honest, the people aspect of hiring and recruiting can *potentially* be the most entertaining. Particularly when it comes to candidate interviewing. 

You and your team may have experienced a few personalities along the way, like the one who brought his mother to an interview. Or the guy who started removing his clothing. 
We scoured Reddit for odd interview experiences candidates and interviewers have experienced. 

Yes, they're entertaining---and of course, incredibly insightful into showing what you're not missing..


The Honest One

Im not actually here to interview. I just want this to be a practice interview; pre-employment assessment

The Multi-talented One

Had the following people apply for my company, trapeze artist, sheep sitter, certified chainsaw user; pre-employment assessment

The Strange Interviewer One

not for a job, for a school scholarship thing; pre-employment assessment

The People Person

Is there anything preventing you from passing a background check; pre-employment assessment

The Show and Tell One

buddy of mine interviewed for a job and the Human Resources manager asked me; pre-employment assessment



The Welsh One

Interviewer asks to describe yourself in 3 words; pre-employment assessment



The Resourceful OneI asked what their sales experiences was for a sales manager position; pre-employment assessment


The Loyal OneI worked at a daycare and one of the interviewer questions was have you ever done anything for someone; pre-employment assessment


The Imaginative One

A few years ago we advertised for a job developing a cancer bio marker; pre-employment assessment


The Literal OneInterviewing a nervous person for their first job. The question is; pre-employment assessment


The Childlike One

I asked her to describe a time when she had to complete a repetitive task; pre-employment assessment


The Loner

What would your friends say are your best qualities; pre-employment assessment


The Slick One

Tell us why you left your last job; pre-employment assessment

The Multi-Tasker

Not a recruiter, but a restaurant manager; pre-employment assessment


The Real Reference

Best one was calling a reference a guy had left me; pre-employment assessment


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