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Anna Schosser 28.02.2023 5 min read

What is an AI-based video interview?

An AI-based video interview is more common in the current world or HR than we may think. In today's fast-paced world, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, transforming the way in which we live, work, and communicate. As a recruiter, finding the right candidate for the job is one of the biggest challenges.

Not only can it be incredibly time-consuming and costly to work through hundreds of resumes and conduct multiple rounds of interviews to find the candidate that fits the target profile, but the repetition of such mundane tasks can often lead to a decrease in the quality of hires. 

However, with Artificial intelligence (AI) on the steady rise, recruiters now have access to technologies that make their job easier and more efficient. 

According to a survey, over 70% of US companies are now implementing AI-based video interviews into their recruitment process


What's In This Post?

  1. What is an AI-based video interview? 
  2. The role of AI in an AI-based video interview
  3. Benefits of an AI-based video interview

What is an AI-based video interview? 

An AI-based video interview is when a job interview takes place through an AI platform that analyzes and evaluates a candidate's response to interview questions. Candidates must record their responses to the questions provided by recruiters and upload their video responses to the software. 

During an AI-based video interview, the AI technology screens various aspects of the candidate|s video response, such as the candidate's facial expressions, tone of voice, body language, choice of words, and the candidate's overall personality and behavior. These aspects will be compared to the target profile that the company has set out for their ideal employee and compare the candidate's responses to that.

The AI algorithms can identify patterns and cues that are difficult for recruiters to detect, providing a more objective, unbiased and standardized assessment of each candidate. 


The role of AI in an AI-based video interview 

The role of AI in AI video interviews is to help streamline and automate the recruitment process through its machine learning algorithms to analyze the candidate's facial expressions, voice, and language patterns. 

In an AI-based video interview, AI plays several key roles as listed below: 

  • Screening candidates: the video responses of the candidates will be screened through the AI algorithms. The AI algorithm will pick up on the candidate's personality in terms of facial expression, tone of voice, choice of words, and overall behavior. Thus, AI will compare the candidate's response to the company's target profile and determine how well the candidate matches. This helps to narrow down the candidate pool and identify the most suitable candidates for the next step of the hiring process. 
  • Analyzing facial expressions and body language: Through Retorio's behavioral intelligence platform, the AI analyzes facial expressions and body language to determine how candidates are responding to the questions in regard to the Big 5 Personality traits. 
  • Providing Feedback: AI can provide both the recruiters and candidates with feedback. Recruiters will get an opportunity to learn more about the candidate and get to know them on a deeper level before their first interaction with the candidates. Recruiters will receive a detailed insight on the candidate's strenghts and weaknesses, and what exactly it is that motivates them in the workplace. On the other hand, candidates will get to understand how they performed throughout the AI-based video interview and where they can improve on.

Benefits of an AI-based video interview 

Increased objectivity AI-based video interivews can help reduce bias in the recruitment process by focusing purely on the candidate's personality and behavior rather than their appearances and CV. This can help to also ensure that all candidates are assessed based on the same criteria, leading to a more objective and fair process. 
Saves time and cost  AI-based video interviews can be conducted remotely without the need for an in-person interview or travel expenses. This can be beneficial for organizations that recruit candidates from a wide geographic area. 
Improved candidate assessment AI-based video interviews help recruiters identify top candidates more quickly and accurately than traditional screening methods through the AI analysis. 
Better use of Data AI-based video interviews can provide recruiters with valuable data on candidate behavior, which can be used to improve the screening process over time. For example, recruiters can use data on the most common video responses and candidate behavior to optimize the interview questions adn evaluation criteria to be more specific in their search for top talent. 
No longer overlooking top candidates With the amount of applications that recruiters often get, it can be easy to overlook applications and miss out on a potential top candidate. With an AI-based video interview, the software makes sure to screen each candidate thoroughly and only pass on the candidates that will be your next potential top performer. This can also help recruiters avoid receiving irrelevant applications. 


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1. Why should recruiters use a video interview platform?

Using a video interview platform simply makes your job as a recruiter so much easier and enjoyable. A video interview platform allows for recruiters to quickly and effectively score potentially top-performing candidates in a short amount of time, and getting more useful insights into the candidates's personality, behavior and workplace habits that will ensure success and motivation in the long-run. It saves the recruiter time, energy, and effort that can be saved and placed into getting the know their candidates on a deeper level. 


2. How does Retorio's video interview work?

Retorio's video interview provides candidates with questions that they should answer for recruiters to receive an analysis.

Retorio employs a system of artificial intelligence (AI) that supports human intuition through the form of a video. The technology used is based on popular and well-researched personality scales also known as the Big5 Personality model which has proven to be a solid and reliable predictor of personality and job performance. 

In order to calculate a predicted perceived personality, Retorio's AI platform quantifies the behavior of the participants in the assessment that include their facial expressions, gesture, language, and voice to derive a perceived personality prediction. This means that Retorio's AI forecast how candidates and their behavior will be perceived by a representative group of people and whether they fit your selected target profile. 

Click on the video below to hear a little bit more about Retorio's behavioral intelligence platform.


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