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Elizabeth T.20.08.20202 min read

What Exactly is Facial Recognition Search in HR?

Facial recognition search and software is becoming integrated within hiring and recruitment efforts. Not only are private companies interested in the technology’s capabilities, it’s also being used by the public. For example, in the US,  forty-three states have used some form of facial recognition technology as a way to reduce identity and driver’s license fraud. Seven of those 43 states have adopted the system for driver’s licenses within the last three years. However even with its utility, facial recognition may be one of the most misunderstood technologies at the moment. 

What are the exact steps behind facial recognition?

  1. The face detection process detects and locates human features in an image or video.
  2. The face capture process transforms the digital information into creating a “faceprint”, the unique features that identify an individual’s face.
  3. The face match process compares the captured image to the database of images or a single image within the database.

Are talent management teams using facial recognition?

Yes, there are a few case studies where facial recognition is being used during the hiring and recruitment process, talent development, and other areas of managing internal talent.


Candidate selection

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Going through batches of CVs takes significant time. Human resources teams don’t have the resources and time to go through cover letters, interview candidates, and automatically rank candidates in one-go. Hiring managers are looking to facial recognition AI to help them sort the paperwork. The AI can rapidly go through skill sets and experience. The facial recognition component supports hiring managers in another aspect of choosing high-quality talent: understanding the person, aka the candidate persona. 

With facial recognition search, a recruiter can quickly assess the applicant’s possible intersection with the role, and the organizational culture, selecting only the right candidates with the video capability.


Digitized personality assessments

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Hiring managers are interested in facial recognition search for its capabilities in understanding people at an individual level. No more useless cover letters and reading a person’s hobbies, hoping to understand them better. Facial recognition could be used in making sure a person’s individual face matches up to their ID, ensuring a higher quality of security. Facial expression detection---different from facial recognition software---is often incorporated alongside facial recognition to give information about the emotion a candidate is showing. This helps hiring managers to understand a person’s behavior and personality.


Employee Security

One key element is ensuring the safety and well-being of employees. Companies around the world use facial recognition as a means to ensure only employees are being allowed into buildings or special access areas. Employee security is one aspect of creating a healthy facial recognition search. With databases full of imagery of employees, if anything were to happen to employees, their latest photos could be easily accessed and passed along to authorities. For example, if an employee was reported missing. Their employer could share accurate information with them right away. 

Facial recognition is a new hiring trend across the world. Too many processes and outdated approaches are requiring innovative new ways to serve the well-being of employees. Facial recognition search and software can be a powerful tool in establishing success towards the future. 



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