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Anna Schosser01.02.20237 min read

What is a Pre-Recorded Video Interview? A Guide for Recruiters

Pre-recorded video interviews is one of the best ways to score your ideal candidate, and they are quickly becoming an increasingly popular tool for recruiters and hiring managers. Long gone are the days where hiring was a tedious and repetitive job that took longer than necessary. With pre-recorded video interviews, the recruiting process is streamlined and becomes a more enjoyable journey for everyone in HR. 

According to statistics, 45% of recruiters say that pre-recorded video interviews have helped them to streamline the hiring process. There has also been a 57% increase in the use of pre-recorded video interviews from the year 2019 to 2022. 

Its easy to see that pre-recorded video interviews is quickly becoming the best way to  hire. Therefore, now is the perfect time to learn more about pre-recorded video interviews and how you can begin finding top-talent faster than ever and build up your ideal customer-facing team in no time.


Whats in this Post? 

1. What is a Pre-recorded Video Interview? 

2. Advantages of Using a Pre-recorded Video Interview

3. How To Prepare Questions for Pre-recorded Video Interviews? 

4. What Questions Can You Ask Your Candidates in a Pre-recorded Video Interview? 


What is a Pre-recorded Video Interview? 

A pre recorded video interview refers to a situation where candidates have the freedom to record their responses to questions, at their convenience. They then submit the recorded video for the hiring manager or recruiter to review. This process offers flexibility in terms of scheduling. Eliminates the need for a video or in person interview.

By incorporating AI into recorded video interviews the AI system evaluates each candidate based on the desired qualifications for the job position. It then provides recruiters with an insightful overview of whether a candidate's suitable, for the company or not.

The questions that are asked can be a mix of behavioral, situational, and technical questions used to assess the candidate's personality, and fit for the role. The best part about it is that it can be done, and reviewed anywhere with a functioning electronic device (Tablet, phone, laptop) and a strong Wi-Fi connection. The pre-recorded video interview is always conducted through a video interview platform. You can also read more about what a video interview platform is, and how to use to your advantage here

As a recruiter using a recorded video not only simplifies the entire recruitment process making it more convenient and enjoyable but it also enables you to establish a deeper connection, with your candidates. By getting acquainted with them to conducting an interview you have the ideal chance to understand their strengths and determine the most effective approach, for a fruitful interaction and favorable outcome.

Advantages of Using a Pre-Recorded Video Interview 

There are benefits, to incorporating a recorded video interview into your hiring process. Using recorded video interviews is a highly effective method for conducting the initial interview and offers a more efficient way to gather information, about all your applicants in an unbiased manner. By utilizing this approach you can significantly reduce the time spent reviewing resumes and candidate profiles while also saving costs and attracting higher quality hires. 

Here are some more advantages 💡


Pre-recorded video interviews can save recruiters up to 75% of their interview time compared to traditional face-to-face interviews. Recruiters can also review video interviews at their own pace, have unlimited viewing access to the videos, and will receive an immediate, in-depth analysis of each candidate that a recruiter may not get in an in-person interview. 

Increased Efficiency 

Pre-recorded video interviews can allow for a larger pool of candidates to be screened in a shorter amount of time which leads to a lower likelihood of overlooking candidates, and an increase in quality hires. 

Consistent Evaluation

Pre-recorded video interviews allow for an unbiased and fair screening process that prioritizes the candidate's personality and behavior in regard to the target profile of the company rather than focusing solely on experience and skillsets. 


Pre-recorded video interviews can save money on travel expenses if the candidate is located in a different city or country. It also reduces the need for HR and recruitment staff as well as physical resources. 

Improved Candidate Experience

Candidates will feel more involved in the process, and recruiters will be able to build stronger and more positive relationships with potential hires. Recruiters can also provide quality feedback to candidates on how they are currently being perceived which will give the candidate something useful to take away with them whether they receive the job offer or not. 

Increased Access to Talent 

Pre-recorded video interviews can expand the pool of qualified candidates that recruiters are looking into. It gives recruiters an easy opportunity to access a wider range of talent that is also outside of their usual geographical zone. 

Increased Flexibility 

Pre-recorded interviews are easy to send out, and once received, the recruiter can pause it, rewind and review it as many times as necessary, which provides greater flexibility in the interview process. 


How To Prepare Questions for Pre-recorded Video Interviews? 

The questions used in a recorded video interview should enable candidates to elaborate on their answers. They should provide candidates with an opportunity to share details, about themselves allowing recruiters to form an impression of the candidates personality and behavior.

Here are some things to keep in mind when coming up with pre-recorded video interview questions: 

  • Be open-ended: Avoid yes or no questions and instead ask questions that will encourage the candidate to elaborate and provide more detail. It is always better to get a longer response from the candidates than a shorter one. 
  • Assess fit: You can ask questions that gauge the candidate's fit for company culture, values and goals that they hold and are seeking to accomplish. 
  • Measure behavior: Ask questions where the candidates can elaborate on behaviorial traits for the position such as teamwork, problem-solving or leadership skills. 
  • Be fair and unbiased: Ensure the questions do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age or other protected characteristics. 
  • Be structured and well thought-out: Have a clear purpose and aim for each question. This also shows the candidate that you are taking their responses seriously. 

What Questions Can You Ask Your Candidates in a Pre-recorded Video Interview? 

There are endless questions that you can ask your candidates for a pre-recorded video interview, but below are some questions that will allow the candidates to share more about themselves with you before you get to meet them are some of the following: 

  • Why are you interested in this position? 
  • What are your key strengths and how do they align with this role? 
  • How do you handle challenging situations in the workplace? 
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
  • What is your ideal work environment?
  • Describe your work ethic.

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1. Why should recruiters use a video interview platform?

Utilizing a video interview platform truly. Enhances the recruitment process. With such a platform recruiters can efficiently evaluate candidates who have the potential to excel in their roles within a timeframe. Moreover it provides insights, into candidates personalities, behaviors and work habits that're essential for long term success and motivation. This not saves recruiters time and energy but also allows them to invest more effort in truly understanding their candidates at a deeper level.


2. How does Retorio's video interview work?

Retorio's video interview asks candidates questions that they must answer in order for recruiters to acquire an analysis.

Retorio employs an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that augments human intuition in the form of a video. The methodology employed is founded on well-known and well-researched personality scales, also known as the Big5 Personality model, which has proven to be a robust and trustworthy predictor of personality and job performance.

To calculate a predicted perceived personality, Retorio's AI platform quantifies the behavior of the assessment participants, including their facial expressions, gesture, language, and voice, to derive a predicted perceived personality prediction. This means that Retorio's AI predicts how candidates and their actions will be perceived by a representative group of people, as well as whether they will be elected.Click on the video below to hear a little bit more about Retorio's behavioral intelligence platform.



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