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Throughout the years, resumes, references, and interviews have been the standard selection pieces for the hiring process. Resumes provide the hiring team with an overview of a candidate’s work history, references provide insight into their work ethic, and an interview gives a sense of an applicant’s communication style. However, in recent years, recruiters require more than a well-written CV and a confident attitude in face-to-face interviews to determine whether an applicant is an appropriate fit for a role. As the recruitment process has developed, it is shifting its focus onto other aspects when considering a candidate: personality.

By highlighting personality during the recruitment process, not only do you gain deep insight into a candidate's potential, but it also eliminates bias and speeds up the recruitment process in an effective manner. Therefore, as you welcome your new team member, their valued traits, and behavior will be sure to benefit the work environment and enhance the further success of the company. 

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Personality as a predictor of future job success

When applying for a job role, did you pour all your stress into crafting the perfect CV that is jam-packed with all the experiences you have accumulated throughout your career? If so, did you also ever consider crafting the ‘perfect’ personality for the interview? Even though you may focus on appearing professional, knowledgeable, and friendly, the impressive skillset on your CV may no longer be the crucial deciding factor on whether you get the job. It is indeed, your personality that is usually formed by psychological preferences, temperaments, and predispositions. 

A study revealed that 78% of professionals from different industries feel that personality is the most important aspect to consider when recruiting while the skill set was rated as the least important criterion by employers. This is due to many organizations searching for candidates that will fit in well with their company’s values and cultures.

But why?

As technology continues to develop, many companies are working on improving their performance and employee retention by using assessment tools to match the right people based on who they are through character traits and behaviors. According to statistics, it is now estimated that as many as 60 percent of organizations currently use assessments in the hiring process. 

Through several years of research, personality is a scientifically proven predictor of job performance. Not only does it beat the traditional methods of gathering information that can turn out to be heavily subjective, but it also provides recruiters with objective insights that significantly improve the candidate selection process. Therefore, by basing personality measures on the popular and scientifically proven “Big Five” theoretical model, the applicant’s behavorial patterns in the workplace will be revealed. Information that includes motivation and demotivation in the workplace for the specific candidate is shown, as well as their venerated strengths and weaknesses that are useful for the recruitment team to be aware of. Furthermore, recruiters will gain a better understanding of how the candidates relate to others, how they approach and solve problems, and how they manage their emotions. These are all important traits to be aware of when hiring a new team member. Thus, the AI video has become a powerful resource to ensure that the chosen candidates embody certain role-specific traits that will foster a positive work environment in addition to the valuable proficiencies they bring in. Likewise, recruiters can then easily determine if the applicants will turn out to be high performers and whether they will fit into the company’s culture.

So why is it so important that your candidates fit into the culture of your company? Doesn’t it matter more what talents and experiences they bring in? Isn’t that what the company cares most about?

Not necessarily. It’s time to shift our perspectives a little.

If a candidate does not have the ideal list of skills and talents that the hiring company may be searching for, but the personality fits the company culture, the candidate is still most likely to perform well in their job role.

A study that was conducted by Frank L. Schmidt in 2016 examined the selection methods in personnel psychology and found that job experience alone can only predict job performance with 16% accuracy, whereas a combination of cognitive ability and personality can predict future performance with 78% accuracy. This is where personality beats experience. Despite skills and experiences being an important ingredient for a company’s growth and success, spotlighting personality is the key ingredient that welcomes opportunities for growth and development in the employees. As a result, an improvement in job performance will follow which will boost the overall success and growth of the company.

At the end of the day, if a candidate’s experiences and skills are perfect for the job, yet their personality is not an ideal fit for the company culture, the candidate’s workplace performance can become a factor of concern in the long run. This is due to job performance being strongly influenced by an employee's natural behavior. By the company not being aware of an employee's personality, the company will not know how they can be potentially hindering the development of their team members.  

At the end of the day, hiring is more than just raw ability and accomplishments. if a candidate’s experiences and skills are perfect for the job, yet their personality is not an ideal fit for the company culture or was not regarded in the interview process, the candidate’s workplace performance can become a factor of concern in the long run. This is because workplace performance is strongly influenced by specific behaviors. It will determine whether an individual has a natural affinity for required job duties. Thus, if an employee’s personalities and interests align with the job requirements, they are more likely to enjoy working, leading to overall happier company culture.

Personality assessment benefits 

Maintaining a healthy, and happy culture plays an important role in the success of a company. If not sustained, decreased motivation, burnout, and a high employee turnover rate can occur. Within one and a half years, 46% of new workers resigned or failed, according to Leadership IQ research involving over 20,000 companies. Furthermore, 89% of those failures were due to attitudinal reasons which inevitably led to these companies incurring a painful cost because of the high employee turnover.

Therefore, by focusing on personality, it brings in a higher chance the work atmosphere is more positive, stable, and motivating which generates an open space for employees to communicate freely and confidently. It is also essential to keep the company culture in mind when recruiting, and see whether the applicant's personality will blend in with the rest of the team. People find it fundamentally rewarding when being able to express their personality, and hence choose work conditions that allow them to do so. 

Thus, with a more informed hiring decision that targets personality, there is less risk of hiring someone who isn’t aligned with the company culture or with the job duties. When a candidate is placed in the wrong role, they may be unhappy, less productive, and more likely to experience burnout. When the right new hire is placed in the right role, they will be happier and more productive in their position, allowing for better task outcomes, and are less likely to leave the company.

The icing on the cake is that the AI Video assessment is completed within just a few minutes using a desktop or mobile device. You can then use the given results to assess how candidates will fit into your company culture and how well they fit into the target profile. Retorio decided to use this powerful tool to screen Volodymyr Zelensky using the Big 5 personality model from a recruitment point of view.  

Volodymyr Zelensky – The Big-5 Personality Profile

Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky is a Ukrainian politician, former actor and comedian, and is currently the sixth president of Ukraine. According to a recent article about him, he is described as a leader without the typical strongman charisma that has traditionally been associated with military leadership and wartime courage. As his impassioned addresses to the people of Russia and to the European Union display, he is unafraid of showing empathy and vulnerability.

To further analyze his personality according to the Big-5 personality model based on the traits Extraversion, Agreeableness, Openness, Conscientiousness, and Neuroticism, Retorio screened Zelensky’s video featured on The Guardian. In terms of personality traits, Zelensky falls under ‘conscientiousness’, meaning that a structured and planned work environment is preferred, yet if any unexpected changes were to occur, he would be able to handle well which poignantly fits the unanticipated series of events Zelensky is battling right now.  

You can also read more about his personality down below:

Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 14.37.48Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 13.54.09


Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 14.45.49Screenshot 2022-03-18 at 14.45.43

Therefore, with Zelensky’s results, the importance of personality in recruitment is further evident. Say you are a recruiter and Zelensky happens to be a candidate. As a recruiter, being aware of Zelensky’s conscientious personality, which is also a major personality trait that consistently leads to success, you also know how organized, productive, and lenient they can be in the work environment and whether that is a trait that fits the job role. Hence, a large part of the hiring process has already been completed, and most of the analysis has been done for you. The recruiter can learn more about Zelensky’s conscientious behaviors and characteristics that can either nurture the success the company by his personality matching the target fit for the job or to not continue the process if it doesn’t which consequently saves up majority of the recruiter’s time. 

There is more to recruiting the best candidate than experience and skills. It is vital for the company’s success to hire someone with the right personality that fits not only the job role but the company’s dynamic. While skills can be taught, attitudes, passion, and enthusiasm for a job cannot. In order to promote a healthy work culture, and good employee engagement among team members, it’s important to focus on the candidate’s personality. Workplace morale may be harmed by the wrong personalities and attitude issues, which can drain energy, resources, and time.

Therefore, negative characteristics can eventually drive away your best customers and performers. However, the benefit gained from prioritizing personality is the reduced turnover rate, improved communication, and an overall better and more insightful understanding of job candidates because who would not want an applicant that will add more positivity and engagement to the workplace?

Find out your team’s DNA and understand which personality traits correlate to high performance and enjoy faster pre-screening with Retorio’s game-changing AI video with the link down below!

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