An employee relocation checklist may seem trivial compared to the hands-on process of relocating an employee overseas, but your brain will thank you.  After all, it’s usually the pared-down solutions that simplify complicated processes.


employee relocation checklist


Simple Brilliance

Think of Peter Bregman, an esteemed columnist at the Harvard Business Review. He shares how taking 18 minutes out of a day increases a person’s likelihood of having a productive day.

Einstein said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”?

Or wasn’t it a simple newspaper photo that saved the kingdom of Siam (present-day Thailand) from a potential French invasion?

Situations may become complex quickly, so a straightforward solution may mean the difference between a stressful or smooth relocation process (or an imperialist invasion, either one).

It doesn’t usually surprise people to know their brains adore lists.

Somehow quick scribbles on a napkin or neat lines on a legal pad bring simplicity when our minds feel chaotic. You may have met people who gush how much they love lists. Psychologist Dr. David Cohen explains our love of lines:

  • They quiet thoughts in our head when life feels a bit topsy-turvy
  • They architect a roadmap that we can work with
  • They give us a sense of completion

Usually our memory works pretty well in guiding us to complete projects. However when the work or tasks pile up, so does our anxiety. We become distracted by our anxiety consciously or unconsciously, which ends up making us underperform or fail to perform at all.


Enter the beauty of list-making.

A study done by Baumeister and Masicampo had participants starting a warm-up exercise for a particular task. Except some participant’s warm-ups were interrupted and moved to the main task. The other participants were also interrupted, but they were allowed to jot down notes about how they could complete the warm-up exercise. This group outperformed the other group of participants on the second task.

Little lists make a cognitive difference for everyone, from teachers, musicians, and to office managers. When it comes to relocating an employee across the globe—the “main task”—a little list as a “warm up” goes a long way.


Keep it simple.

Download the employee relocation checklist here


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