GDPR and ethics – How we protect your privacy

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Fully GDPR compliant

Compliant with European and Germany privacy regulation – arguably the toughest privacy laws worldwide.

Audited AI-models

Our AI has been debiased and testet on global datasets, incl. the UCLA Fairface dataset. 

Candidate friendly

Not only do we empower candidates to show their best side, we also give them full control over their data.

Secure cloud hosting

We exclusively host client and candidate data on ISO-certified servers within the European Union.

Data handling & data storage

We’re committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process.
We provide a GDPR-compliant and consistent approach to our data protection and only work with certified partners.


ISO 27001
Certified hosting




Subject to German
privacy regulation

Candidate information

Your candidates' information is very sensitive and needs to be protected. Retorio has no access to personal data, as all data and analyses are anonymized and securely encrypted.


Data storage and transfer

Committed to remaining GDPR compliant, retorio transfers data confidentially and exclusively on European servers. All servers are ISO 27001 Certified to guarantee data protection and privacy.


Data deletion

Retorio offers customers full control over their data. Personal data can be irrevocably deleted at any time.


Our ethics go far beyond GDPR compliance

Our values directly translate into how we deal with candidates.




Participants are informed that using Retorio is absolutely voluntary and that there are other alternative application options (e.g. uploading a cover letter) and that there is no risk of disadvantages in the event of non-participation. The voluntariness of the participation is also guaranteed by the fact that the participant can stop and delete the recording at any time or delete the completed recording at any time (as long as it has not yet been sent to the company).


Retorio is designed to debias hiring decisions which mostly are based on people’s origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, or sexual identity. Thus, Retorio can exclude discrimination to a degree that is almost impossible to achieve for humans - promoting objectivity and diversity in hiring decisions.




Retorio anonymizes and encodes all user data in advance to guarantee that an identification of your applicants and employees is not possible.

Retorio was designed to support recruiters with recommendations. Automated individual decisions about whether or not an application should be considered are not possible. For example, Retorio allows recruiters to sort applications according to various criteria (similar to the sort function in existing application tracking systems), but the human still has the authority to make decisions.




We want to be adaptable to and respectful of candidates' time schedule and resources. Participants using Retorio can easily access and upload videos from their mobile device independent of time and location. Furthermore, time consuming preparation of motivational letter and CV are omitted from the process.

Retorio believes in providing feedback and making hiring decisions transparent. The scientific foundation of Retorio's software stands as warrantor for the ultimate goal of sustained candidate and employer satisfaction enabled by optimal objective fit.


Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

We are committed to continuous improvement rather than unattained perfection. Retorio works relentlessly on mending bugs, collecting data and increasing accuracy.

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