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How it Works

In easy steps to a scientifically-backed hiring process with the power of AI

1) Job Profile Development

Scientifically-validated questionnaire

We host a standardized questionnaire used to determine individual hiring needs for each position. Additionally, talent professionals can easily tailor questionnaires to support their own needs.

Leverage past hiring successes

By inputting data from past candidates, talent professionals learn more. The temperaments and experiences that led to a successful hire can be useful for the next hiring decision.

Integrating performance data

We can combine your internal performance data and top performers to comprehend who is a good match and due to which personality the person was hired.

Analysing existing structures

By analysing existing company-specific factors like your team, we can derive, who fits in best and enhance the existing team.

2) Asynchronous and standardized video interview

A standardized format allows you apply your best interview questions on high scale. Easy to replicate and 100% the same for every person.


3) Big 5 personality assessment

In minutes, we provide a detailed Big 5 personality assessment. Screen each candidate with rapid, in-depth insight.

4) Automated match indications

Based on your needs, we automatically determine how close each candidate matches them.


How HAPPYCAR saved 70% time in their hiring process

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5) 1-Click ranking

With just 1-click, you can rank candidates based on your hiring needs and get a fast and easy to grasp overview. Respond faster than your competitors to the best matches.



Personality API

Our Personality API can be used for a variety of other use-cases. For instance...



Use our personality assessment to find out how people fit together in romantic settings.


To improve personality skills, our assessments can be used to give individuals feedback.


Tailoring messages and offers according to customers personality can help you make more reflective decisions.

Easy Integration

Retorio can be used with your favourite Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

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We help you to reach your goals


I/O Consultant

Our consultants help you to build a science and data driven hiring engine. The results obtained allow eveyone to make fast decisions.

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Business Intelligence

Harness the power of data you already have in your company. Combine hiring and performance data to get meaningful insights.


Technical Support

There are several ways to use Retorio. Our technical support teams enables you to do so.

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Customer Support

Together with our professional support team we do everything to solve your problems.