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Show your personality

With Retorio, every single candidate has an opportunity to show who they are and what drives them.

It just takes 5 minutes

A typical video interview takes just 5 minutes or less. No more lengthy assessments; no more motivation letters!

Debiased Perception

Our debiased AI ensures that talents are being evaluated irrespective of their skin color, age, or gender.

Human decisions only

Our AI merely informs recruiters about talent. Ultimately, every decision is made by a human recruiter.

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Retorio – a guaranteed opportunity to express personality

We receive lots of positive feedback regarding our candidate experience. A typical Retorio interview just takes 5 minutes and can be done around the clock from any device. Talents are thankful for the opportunity to leave a personal impression and they appreciate your fast response.


With Retorio, talents stay in full control of their application

Retorio is all about candidate experience. In a typical Retorio interview candidates have several attempts to answer a question. They do not submit their responses before they are fully satisfied with themselves. Should they change their mind, they can have their videos deleted at any time. 

Retorio is happy to offer candidates helpful feedback. This way, they learn more about their strengths and weaknesses and can improve themselves.

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With Retorio, you (and other talents) can...


Improve your first impression


Improve your interviewing skills in minutes. Retorio gives feedback on facial expression, language, emotions, and other behavioral cues. Learn how others perceive you.


Receive career


Not sure what career to choose? Your personality plays a role in finding a great fit. Our Big 5 Personality assessment shares suggestions on which careers you’d enjoy.


Derive a better understanding of yourself


If you’re training with Retorio, you’ll learn to understand yourself and your effects on other people. Gauge and monitor your soft-skill development and watch how much progress you’ve made.

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What other candidates say


"This is such fascinating stuff. How many times in life do you get to learn more about yourself. Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity."



Participant USA




Business Development, Netherlands

"I think this whole process is very easy, and with this analysis, I know where I need to be strengthened, and this will also be an important item on my resume."

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