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How it works - Candidates

Recruitment process made quick and easy.



Forget papers, Share your personality

Imagine you didn’t need to pass heavy application processes, to write motivation letters, to answer phone interviews in inconvenient locations, nor to visit the company multiple times for interviews and tests. Retorio’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do most of it by analyzing your video that you can record whenever wherever. The AI will not make any decisions, but only gives suggestions to recruiters and is there to give you an opportunity to show your whole potential behind your written CV.

Let's see how you can ace your recruitment process:

Step 1: Apply & Receive a link

As much as we'd like to read your mind and find the best positions, mind reading doesn't quite exist. But we're the next best thing: with us, you get to share your individuality

  • Picture yourself the position and environment where you would like to work

  • Be active and follow interesting companies

  • Apply for matching positions

  • Receive a link for Retorio platform



Step 2: Record the video

  • Choose when and where you feel the most comfortable

  • Find a quiet place with sufficient lighting

  • Follow the instructions and check the requested duration

  • Submit the video

  • Relax and wait for the next steps




  • Read through the job requirements and company description one more time

  • Be yourself - You were invited to the interview because of your personality

  • Receive results and decisions faster

  • Ask for feedback - Whether you were chosen or not it is always beneficial to know how you were perceived by recruiters


ZEALAXX is all about spotting talent faster than others. Retorio is doing exactly that. The software is easy to use and it is astonishing how the results match our own impressions. In the past we had to ask candidates to do expensive and cumbersome assessment tests. With Retorio we get better results much faster.
Alexander Springer
Partner at ZEALAXX