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Optimize Your recruitment process

Retorio’s artificial intelligence supports human intuition. We quantify data to provide deeper insights into the hiring process.
Our video-based AI is a simple plugin and easily integrates into every Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Retorio creates a space of high quality communication and attention. The time-intensive steps of screening and shortlisting are reduced. Hiring then becomes about focusing on the individual’s values and needs, rather than paperwork.

STEP 1: Create your job-profile

Recruiter time required: 2 - 3 hours


There are two ways to define the job and cultural profile:

  • Questionnaire: Fill out a questionnaire designed and validated by our assessment experts to describe your ideal candidate for the job

  • Video analysis: Analyze the existing team with Retorio's video assessment and derive the profile from test results

Retorio team will offer support throughout the process to identify the best solution for every individual organization.


Step 2: Customize your video interview & invite candidates

Recruiter time required: 1 hour


Retorio easily connects to your preferred ATS. Or, use a simple plugin for any existing application form. Implementing AI-powered recruitment sounds intimidating, but Retorio’s system gives ease and flexibility.

  • Insert job profile description and skill requirements

  • Tailor candidate questions for the video interview

  • Option to limit number of attempts and time per answer

  • Send ready-to-share invitation links


Step 3: Automated AI-based SCREENING & ASSESSMENT

Recruiter time required: 0 hours


Within minutes, Retorio delivers a bespoke analysis of each candidate; our AI analyzes each video for thousands of cues to predict personality and behavioral patterns, much like having a team of recruiters interviewing each candidate. Results automatically align with the ideal search criteria. After, recruiters receive a ranked list of the most qualified candidates.

  • Retorio's AI analyzes candidate behavior from the video recording (language, gestures, vocal intonation, etc.)

  • Maintain access to videos for further reference


Automated AI screening

STEP 4: Candidate Deep Dive

Recruiter time required: 1 - X Hours
(internal processes vary)


With more time saved on the pre-screening process, recruiters possess more time to “deep dive” into the CVs and assessments of their favorite candidates. Behavioral analysis provide additional insight into the personality, communication style, and cultural fit of an individual. With a holistic view of a candidate, a hiring manager may create tailored interviews questions or provide a more personalized candidate experience.

  • Receive candidate shortlist

  • Take quality time to learn more about individual candidates

  • Customize interview process with personalized questions

  • Make candidate decision

  • Offer the position




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At BMW we are using Retorio to pilot a new AI-powered recruiting process. Pre-screening video applications for job- and task-fit lets us focus on top candidates early, make better hiring decisions and save cost.
Christoph Kunz
Partner at RPC, BMW

Our Integrations

Retorio can be used with your favorite Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or through our plug & play video recording plugin (see above).







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