Understand your talent as you hire and train

Retorio’s AI makes recruiting easy and team building simple. Within minutes, managers and employees alike can launch into the talent development journey.


Calculate your ROI

Add data and personality to each stage

Talent Acquisition

Identify talent faster and easier with AI

Recruiters sort through inbound resumes, but still can’t quickly identify the candidates they really want to talk to. Retorio solves the problems of pre-screening in modern recruiting. Retorio creates an easy-to-execute talent pipeline by digitizing the only pre-employment assessment that’s reached scientific consensus: the Big 5 Personality Test.

Recruiters can easily engage candidates using Retorio; it integrates into every ATS and can be accessed through any web browser.


It takes only three steps


Step 1: Define vacancy description


Step 2: Invite candidate for video interview


Step 3: Receive deep, AI-powered insights

Leadership & Training

Provide on-demand, customized soft-skill training

Individual-led training and development is how organizations keep their teams competitive and their budgeting on mark.

With Retorio, employees submit video responses to questions created by a manager, a coach, or an in-house coordinator. Employees receive customized feedback on how they were perceived. Over time, talent can opt in to monitor improvements on soft-skill development by saving their automated profile.


Fully remote and completely customized


Step 1:
Define training goals


Step 2: Undergo customized training


Step 3: Receive soft skill training feedback

Team and Culture Building

Empower the right fit with the right context

Gather a high-level overview of country-wide values and find shared department or position-specific values. These characteristics inference why certain individuals excel at their positions and how they relate to their own team.


It takes only three steps to learn more


Step 1: Send assessment to team members


Step 2: Understand team dynamics and culture


Step 3: Inform recruitment and training

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