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Retorio’s AI makes recruiting and training easy.

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Add data and personality to each stage

It takes only three steps to know yourself at a deeper level

Step 1: Define your target employee

Define needs

There are two ways to define the position and cultural profile:

Questionnaire: Fill out a questionnaire designed and validated by our assessment experts to describe your ideal candidate for the job

Video analysis: Analyze the existing team with Retorio's video assessment and derive a job profile from test results


Step 2: Invite candidate for video interview

Send an invitation to your candidate/trainee via email

After a candidate submits their results, Retorio delivers a bespoke analysis within minutes. Our AI analyzes each video for thousands of cues to predict personality and behavioral patterns.

Results automatically align with your search criteria. You'll receive a ranked list of your most qualified candidates.


Step 3: Receive deep, AI-powered insights

Use your expertise

With more time saved in pre-screening, recruiters have more time to “deep dive” into the CVs and assessments of their favorite candidates.

Retorio's behavioral analysis provides additional insights into the personality, communication style, and cultural fit of an individual. With a holistic view of a candidate, a hiring manager may create tailored interview questions or provide a more personalized candidate experience.


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