Where retorio can help you

How retorio helps you

Immediate - Instant, professional feedback and recommendations through Artificial Intelligence
Easy to use - No installation or extra hardware required (SaaS)
Flexible - 24/7 access, everywhere 
Social - Share videos with colleagues and friends and get additional feedback
Traceable -  Track learning progress over time

How retorio works

kommunikationstraining Communication Training Communication Skills
Open your browser, share your webcam and microphone
and start practicing your presentations, speeches, and talks with retorio.
Alternatively, you may upload existing videos (e.g. video applications).
No need to install any additional software.
Receive AI-based analyses in oder to improve communication skills
While you train, retorio analyzes facial expression, voice, language, and gesture in real time in order to assess communication effectiveness. retorio provides helpful analyses, including recommendations with regard to how to improve communication effectiveness.
gesture recognition retorio
avatar bot
Interact in real-time with your digital communication coach
retorio features real-time interactions with an AI-powered bot, which functions as your personal coach.
See your performance progress
retorio tracks learning progress over time and personalizes feedback.
Follow your performance progress.

Store your knowledge
retorio saves video recordings and allows accessing present throughts and ideas in the future.
Share your thoughts
You want to know what your colleagues or friends think about a presentation, speech, or talk?
Share video recordings to receive human feedback.
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