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We think that removing bias from recruiting is a worthy cause. That's why we want clients of all shapes and sizes to use our technology and make the world a little fairer.

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Free Starter Professional Enterprise

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€ 199,-
€ 299,-
per month
1 vacancy included
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€ 999,-
€ 1.499,-
per month
10 vacancies included

Talk to Sales
Talk to Sales
multi-year discounts
> 10 vacancies
Step 1 - Video Interviews
Video Interview Plugin
Use our video interview plugin to start recording candidates for automated screening and in-depth analysis.
Free Hiring Check
Get a free check-up of up to 100 new or existing candidate videos and consult with a Retorio expert to find out how our AI can boost your hiring process.
Your Logo
Display your own logo instead of Retorio's.
ATS Integrations
Use Retorio from within your favorite Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
Guided Interviews
Build custom interview scripts to ensure maximum consistency for your recruiting process.
Multiple Languages
Use Retorio for interviews in multiple languages.
Custom Branding
Customize the complete look & feel of Retorio to fit your corporate identity.
Step 2 - AI-Based Screening
Ready-to-use Job-Templates
Ready-to-use templates to match candidates for typical positions like Sales or Support.
Custom Matching Formulas
Build your own custom formulas to screen candidates for your specific priorities.
Train Your Own Model
Provide us with historic data, e.g. sales performance and let Retorio learn how to screen candidates based on your company's unique success factors.
Step 3 - AI-Based Assessment
Interview Questions To Ask
A list of key questions to ask in a 1:1 interview based on each candidate's individual strengths and weaknesses.
Deep-Dive on Top 5
Get an in-depth AI profile on your top five candidates for each vacancy.
Deep Dive on Any Candidate
Pick any candidate from your pre-screening results to get an in-depth understanding of your favorite applicants.
Team-Fit Assessment
Task-Fit Assessment
Organizational Culture
Assess your company culture to align candidates for maximum success.
Custom Dashboards
Customize how screening results and in-depth analysis are displayed.
Expert Consultancy
One 30 minute phone consultation per vacancy with one of our Psychology PhDs to understand and interpret individual test results.
Forum Support
Email & Chat Support
Named Support Export
Developer Access
Get direct access to our API to integrate Retorio with your own product or platform.
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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. I get it. I also have answers. 

  • How do I install?

    Once you purchase the CLEAN Premium Pack from the Hubspot marketplace, it will be instantly be added to your account and ready to use. If you're an agency working with a client, be sure you are logged in their portal prior to making the purchase.

  • What is template "cloning"?

    "Cloning" is a term that Hubspot uses for making a duplicate copy. You can clone templates, files, modules, etc.  Prior to making and major modifications to them, I highly recommend cloning the originals so that you always have an untouched copy. 

  • Can I Customize the Colors?

    You betcha! I’ve intentionally made it very easy for you to control the color of the buttons, text, icons, and so so so so much more.

  • Are the templates drag-n-drop?

    They certainly are. Every template was built using Hubspot's CMS making it EXTREMELY to edit and re-shape to your desire.

  • Can I add my own custom font?

    You sure can. Depending on what font repository (ie. Google fonts, Typekit, etc.) there are different steps involved.  All of which are very easy to do yourself.

  • Can I change the button shape?

    Absolutely! Love square buttons or pill shapes?  I've got you covered and created a very easy way for you to globally control the button shape so that ever CTA is consistent.