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In jobs such as sales or customer care, the way how a person communicates with clients is key.
 It is hard to assess interpersonal communication skills by only looking at a resume. 
Use Retorio as an assessment technology to unveil your candidates’ sales skills.

Faster time to hire
Retorio recommends, which candidates have the best skill set. Hire faster and with more certainty through our recommendation engine.
Meet your goals to hire
Retorio makes your screening of quality candidates easier. Retorio helps you to get candidates faster approved by management.
Hire qualified people
Improve your selection by picking the candidates that fit your need the most and decrease employee turnover.
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Integrates with your favorite ATS tools
Retorio can be used either as a stand-alone SaaS tool or integrated into your existing workflow within your ATS system. You can also embed it directly on your webpage.

How it works

In 3 steps to a better candidate hiring

Step 1

Step 1: Set your soft-skill criteria

Build your own soft-skill job profile. Indicate the relevant soft-skill dimensions in your template and see how candidates perform against it.

Interview Candidates

Step 2: Video interviewing made easy

Use our video plug-in and embed it on your own webpage. You may also use it to capture video recordings in your existing ATS systems or invite participants via a link.

Interview Candidates

Step 3: Pre-screen candidates with AI

Our artificial intelligence analyzes candidates personality traits and communication behavior. Get first insights about your candidates and shortlist those you like most. Invite them for a personal interview.

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