Trends in a workplace shaped by COVID-19


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has generated new insights into how employees and employers will reshape the workplace. For decades, there has been a discussion on “future of work”. In 2020, the future is now. With many companies using work-from-home policies to continue operations, there will be a waterfall of changes to come. 

While there is no crystal ball to predict what may happen within the next few years, we hope we can provide a better understanding of the trends and where we see the biggest impact on the way we work in a world solving a health pandemic.



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We use Retorio to analyze our customer support candidates across all HAPPYCAR countries. It helps us save up to 78% of the screening effort and we can get in touch with the best candidates faster than our competitors.
Dr. Christian Theurer
COO at Happycar
At BMW we are using Retorio to pilot a new AI-powered recruiting process. Pre-screening video applications for job- and task-fit lets us focus on top candidates early, make better hiring decisions and save cost.
Christoph Kunz
Partner at RPC
ZEALAXX is all about spotting talent faster than others. Retorio is doing exactly that. In the past we had to ask candidates to do expensive and cumbersome assessment tests. With Retorio we get better results much faster.
Alexander Springer
Partner at ZEALAXX