Onboard your people faster than ever with scalable AI-powered video trainings


Retorio Training and Learning

Simulate typical conversations

Find out how you come across

Measure learning progress

Ensure sustainable learning

Video Simulation



Simulate typical client and team interactions per video

Access our library of training content or create your own custom simulations. Your team members can access all training modules on demand,  wherever they are, whenever they need them. Enable them to practice communication in a psychologically safe environment.



Analyze behavior rather than self-perception

With Retorio's AI-based personality assessment you find out how a person behaves and what personality she expresses through her behavior. Retorio simulates how other people will perceive the person.



Video Interview Invitiation


Receive individualized AI feedback for sustainable learning

Retorio analyzes recorded reactions with its groundbreaking AI. Tell our AI what behavior and communication style you expect in a given situation and it will provide helpful suggestions  to your team members.




Training and Coaching


What Retorio Measures


It's all about data: What we measure to improve client communication

Retorio AI measures what you say and how you say it. It pays attention to factors, such as

  • facial expression
  • speaking speed
  • custom keywords
  • understandability
  • client centricity
  • positivity
  • sentence lenght
  • use of adjectives, etc...



Gain deeper insights into your sales performance and customer satisfaction

Find out what behaviors really drive success in your organization. Analyze your team in client situations to derive best practices and meaningful target profiles for future hirings.

Retorio Performance Analysis


Frame 1 Target profiling

Culture Assessment & Target Profiling

Capture your own team on video and learn what makes your people special. 

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Video Interview

Video Interviews & Simulations

Invite your talents for a video interview and analyze their behavior with our AI.

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Frame 346

Personality Analytics & Talent Matching

Retorio measures personality and predicts future potential, job, and culture fit.

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