A study of over 1,400 North American CEOs and CFOs found 90% of participants said culture was important at their organizations. In tandem, the #1 priority of CEOS is hiring the right talent. Aligned skills, motivation, and values between employer and employee results in positive outcomes, like employee satisfaction. They outperform competitors by 20%; happy employees are 12% more productive than those who dislike their positions.

If an organization regularly schedules Big 5 assessments for their employees, not only will overall results will be averaged out, it becomes a growth-oriented conversation. A Big 5 assessment is not only applicable during the hiring and recruiting process self-development, it can easily be integrated into an employee’s development plan. If an employee wants to improve on their ability to lead a team or organize a project, the Big 5 can offer feedback on which specific areas to improve. This can be done privately or with a human resources manager or their own department manager during a quarterly review.

Psychological testing, also called psychological assessment, is a common tool for psychologists to better understand a person and their behavior. It’s extremely helpful and widely used by industry leaders and their companies. Because it helps determine the core components of a person’s psychological or mental patterns or values, it’s useful to coordinate team’s strengths.

Finding in-house, “best of the best”

For one, AI-enabled Big 5 assessments provide much-needed insight into the “hidden champions” within an organization. “Hidden champions” refers to the people within a company or group who are the unofficial change agents. They’re individuals of influence and do meaningful things directly for the organization, but also for their colleagues. More often than not, they’re not managers. They may be the older woman who knows the challenges her colleagues face in their personal and professional lives and offers to help. It’s the brilliant junior employee who everyone listens to, based on their ideas and suggestions. A hidden champion is the charismatic and bubbly business development manager that seems to know everyone in every department. They may not have a senior-level title, but these individuals are serious change agents in creating a radically better workplace. Big 5 assessment may help identify these individuals and qualify their strengths when upper management needs to coordinate buy-in for a policy.

The success of an organization depends on the thoughtful use of its in-house talent, which in turn leverages other company assets. If employees feel good about their work, they reach higher levels of engagement and help an organization develop and reach its goals. A personality assessment can be one tool that moves the needle between an average culture and one that’s growth-oriented and employee-centric.

Depending upon what kind of assessment is being done, it can last anywhere from 1 hour to a full day. Traditional testing meant heading to a licensed psychologist’s office. Paper-and-pencil tests are now administered on a computer for ease-of-use. Now with Internet 2.0, the Big 5 Personality Traits assessment can be administered with the speed and accuracy of AI.

Which areas can AI-enabled personality assessment make a difference?

pre-employment assessment

Retorio’s AI personality assessment enables an organization’s self-awareness over its present in-house talent, but also building out their future talent pipeline. By understanding their employees’ values and personalities, communication strategies and change management can be tailored. What’s particularly helpful is how universally applicable the AI video interview tool is to a variety of industries. It’s not only impactful in its immediate outcome--a tailored personality assessment--but its long term effect on creating a culture where the individual is valued.

AI-enabled Big 5 assessments can empower several aspects in several kinds of industries.

Customer Care/Retail/Marketing

It’s not uncommon for organizations to create their own marketing focus groups. They tend to gather groups of individuals who fit into their “buyer persona”, whether that’s young Millennial mothers or retired veterans. With an AI video interview, companies can understand individuals that make up their focus groups, leveraging the insight about whether particular aspects of personality affect buying behavior. Customer-facing roles like sales and marketing can offer tailored pitching and/or services based on their customer.

Career and professional development

Not every employee is the same. Not every employee possesses the same goals, values, or decision-making patterns. These differences play an active role in how students make decisions about what to study or which niche an employee wants to focus on developing. Career counselors and talent professionals alike can use AI personality assessments to gauge the students and employees, offering bespoke guidance.


Finding the most promising and qualified candidates is the top priority for both HR managers and CEOs. Measuring hard skills can be done via a glance through a CV. Understanding an applicant at an individual and interpersonal level is the next step in an effective recruitment process. These are tougher to perceive during interviews with a limited time frame. With Retorio’s AI video interview and personality assessment, recruiters receive an additional view on the candidate, helping them to hire those aligned with an organization’s goals and vision.


Improving health outcomes is the primary goal amongst patients and health care providers. Not all patients face treatments in the exact same manner. AI personality assessment can provide support to doctors laying out a treatment plan for individual patients. They may understand one person scores high on conscientiousness---which means they’re more likely to follow the recommended medication regime closely. However, another person may not. Doctors can then tailor a plan to improve patient uptake based on their personality.

AI-enabled personality assessment and AI video interviews can improve outcomes for organizational culture. Increasing employee satisfaction, creating a candidate-centric hiring journey, and improving internal business processes are just a few positives. Retorio’s AI is easily accessed by an Internet browser, making it a simple plug-and-play hiring tool.

Companies like BMW and Lufthansa, leverage Retorio's AI to support their own talent management teams. Our video-based AI was featured in TechCrunch and Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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