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Elizabeth T.


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Elizabeth T. 11.11.2021 12 min read

How to Build Your Personal Brand as a Sales Manager

You may be a sales manager overseeing the growth of your team, or a hiring manager ...
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Elizabeth T. 28.10.2021 8 min read

How to Pair AI Training with a Sales Skills Gap Analysis

Part of building an effective sales team is understanding your starting point. What's the ...
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Elizabeth T. 16.08.2021 5 min read

The New Technical Paradigm Shift in Hiring

There's a change on the horizon in the world of work: it's not only a cultural paradigm ...
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Elizabeth T. 16.07.2021 5 min read

Personality: the difference between the old and new hiring paradigm

Personality makes the world go 'round. Depending on the people you come across, they can ...
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Elizabeth T. 29.06.2021 8 min read

How These 5 Customer-Centric Companies are Excelling

Customer service-oriented companies focus on treating customers well, answering questions ...
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Elizabeth T. 24.06.2021 13 min read

WHY Video is the New Resume (CV) for Candidates and Companies

If you enjoyed 80’s pop music, you may remember the Buggles’ one-hit wonder with its ...
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Elizabeth T. 09.06.2021 6 min read

5 Steps to Implement a Fair Sales Recruitment Process

Employees are the principal resource for a successful company. Full stop. Therefore it is ...
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Elizabeth T. 01.06.2021 6 min read

Want to Lead Your Sales Team? Adapt Your Communication Style

Executives and managers are looking at how they can make an impact now in a post-COVID-19 ...
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Elizabeth T. 14.05.2021 10 min read

How Humans Detect Emotions in Faces?

As a recruiter, you understand that without pre-employment tests, evaluating a ...
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Elizabeth T. 12.05.2021 8 min read

The Psychology Teamwork/Building Teams

Building teams in healthcare recruiting, like any other industry, necessitates a teaming ...
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Elizabeth T. 28.04.2021 6 min read

Healthcare Recruitment Industry Challenges

The hiring process can be challenging and stressful for an employer, no matter what ...
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Elizabeth T. 06.04.2021 6 min read

The Cost of a Toxic Culture and How to Fix It

We all experience bad days at work. It may be the project overload, a colleague having a ...
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Elizabeth T. 11.03.2021 4 min read

Why You Need a 'Deloading' Phase in Your Work Life

If you’re looking to increase your mental performance, do a digital detox, or uplevel ...
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Elizabeth T. 11.03.2021 9 min read

How to Use Science to Understand Your Decision-Making

Decision making can be fatiguing---or empowering, once you know more about the process. ...
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Elizabeth T. 24.02.2021 5 min read

6 Values to Guide Candidate-Centric Hiring

Creating a candidate centric hiring process begins with empathy. In fact, in the famous ...
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Elizabeth T. 03.02.2021 5 min read

What to Look for in an Employee Training Software (Choose Wisely)

You may have come across a teeny, tiny challenge of this current pandemic: training ...
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Elizabeth T. 29.01.2021 7 min read

Before AI recruiting, You Should Conduct This Skills Gap Analysis

Apart from the more general benefits of “more efficiency” and “resource optimization”, a ...
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Elizabeth T. 20.01.2021 7 min read

These 5 Steps Will Improve Your Employer Branding

You don't have to have it all together to be a great company. While high revenues and ...
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Elizabeth T. 10.12.2020 6 min read

How HR Can Use the 5 Steps of Design Thinking in HR

Before making workflow decisions, do you consult with a designer? Most likely not. It’s ...
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Elizabeth T. 04.12.2020 5 min read

Humble Leadership: What This 1,020 Year Old Japanese Shop Teaches Us

For some unexplained reason, most people are unable to define what humility is. Some ...
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