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Retorio About Us

About us

The minds behind
the AI Coaching platform

Munich-based Retorio GmbH is the company behind the leading AI coaching platform.

And who is behind Retorio? A lot of different people: psychologists, data scientists, AI specialists, business experts and many more.

Retorio has employees from over a dozen countries with many different backgrounds.

Each of them makes Retorio what it is today: a platform dedicated to providing the best possible coaching experience, always changing, always improving.

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We’re human-first. We focus on developing knowledge - not simply collecting data. Our decisions are human-centered, spanning from internal, to clients, and to the greater community. We build ethical and humane technology to make fair decisions, manifest accessibility, and create greater purpose. 

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We're creating a world where people feel accepted, satisfied, and fulfilled in their work, relationships, and company culture.

Humane technology supports people finding and experiencing their bigger purpose. 

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Being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company. 

That's why we focus on creating a collaborative space where each team member possesses the freedom to stay inspired. Autonomy, creativity, and kindness are highly-valued in our everyday.

We're not afraid to try and fail, as long as we learn. We may or may not be developing an addiction to Jackbox Games....

Rooted in AI, psychology, and organizational research

As we embrace change, one thing will always remain the same: Retorio's unwavering commitment to science.

This should come as no surprise, as what is now a platform used by thousands of users began many years ago as a scientific project on Behavioral Intelligence and Differential Psychology at the Technical University of Munich. 

The platform has evolved since, but science is where we come from and science is what sets us apart from other solutions. 


15 nations, one goal: to deliver the best

We are blind to ethnicity, religion, age, or gender (just like the Retorio AI platform, by the way).
We hire the best people. Because every company is only as good as their employees.

Therefore it is our goal that all of our employees feel accepted, satisfied, and fulfilled in their work, relationships, and company culture. We combine data scientists, psychologists & experienced business executives.
Meet our leadership team.

Our investors & advisors

We have the support of a number of international venture capital funds such as  SquareOne, Porsche Ventures, Storm Ventures,  Passion CapitalBasinghall Partners, and Sofia Angels Ventures, as well as angel investors consisting of both current and former Dax CEOs that act as both investors and advisors. 

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Some of our success stories ­– and room for yours

It is time to give everyone the chance to grow. AI coaching is paving the way to personal coaching – expect it to fundamentally change the way how training, onboarding and coaching is done. Already now, AI coaching, powered by Behavioral Intelligence, is creating possibilities we hadn’t even dreamed of just a few years ago.

The future does look exciting!


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