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7 min read

5 Steps to Implement a Fair Recruitment Process

Employees are the principal resource for a successful company. Full stop. Therefore it is absolutely crucial companies...

6 min read

The Science Behind Team Chemistry

Companies are on the hunt for that special formula that makes a team magic. Fortunately, science sheds light on how...

4 min read

What’s the difference between facial expression detection and facial recognition?

What is facial expression detection?

Facial expressions play an important role in recognition of emotions and are used...

6 min read

5 Steps to Implement Racial Equity in Your Workplace

The police killing of George Floyd in Detroit, Michigan sparked peaceful demonstrations around the world. Thousands...

3 min read

A Note on Addressing Current and Systematic Racism in the Workplace

As a company dedicated to building a resilience and nimble work force, we see diversity as one of the key drivers in...

6 min read

Training Needs Analysis: Why You Need It in AI Recruiting

When a person joins a company, they're hoping to not only to contribute, but to grow. Training Needs Analysis (TNA)...

4 min read

What's the Difference Between the Big 5, the Enneagram, and MBTI?

In the field of psychology, the five dimensions (the ‘Big Five’) are commonly used in the research and study of...

5 min read

COVID Ushers In the Next Evolution of Job Hunting

If a candidate hasn’t searched for a job in recent years, AI has greatly changed the landscape.  According to a Korn...

6 min read

How to Build and Manage a Remote Team in Weird 2020

Oh 2020, you're a weird one. We're really trying our best. Companies are quickly trying assess how the world of work is...

6 min read

With 15 Million Users, What Does This HR Manager Focus On?

In a remote interview, HR Manager at VirtuaGym, Sandrien de Nijs tells us about her role in scaling up at the fitness...

5 min read

Contactless buildings, customized carpet, and COVID-19: the New Office

The trend for working from home may suit some companies while they redesign their office spaces to cater to new social...

6 min read

5 Things You May Get Wrong When Hiring a Headhunter for Your Company


With the average employee tenure being 8 years , investing to work with a headhunter may be a smart move for...
7 min read

Post-Coronavirus: 10 Ways the World of Work Will Change

The biggest question on everyone’s mind: what will the new normal be? What’s going to happen to the workplace? The...

6 min read

What Big Data Means for Values-Based Healthcare Recruitment

Big data in healthcare tends to refer to health data like electronic health records (EHRs), medical imaging, and...

7 min read

Why Healthcare Recruitment is Asking for the Big 5


According to Healthline, only last week did US–based Atrium Health, “which operates 40 hospitals and 900 care...

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