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9 min read

Organizational Culture: the 6 Facets of a Strong, Brave Company

“Culture, we want a strong company culture” is probably one of the most common cries from corporate. A study of over...

9 min read

Video Interview for Recruitment ? Make Sure You Get the Right API

You may not know so much about the value of APIs, or what a video interview exactly entails. An API (Application...

12 min read

History of the Big 5: Why This Online Psychometric Test Packs a Punch

In the field of psychology, the five dimensions (the ‘Big Five’) are commonly used in the research and study of...

11 min read

Your Mom Jokes You're Neurotic, But Really, Are You?

“Ain’t no party like a neurotic party”, said no one ever. Mostly because it would tend to look like a party thrown by...

9 min read

The Science Behind the Big 5 and How It Impacts AI

Personality is usually defined by the set of behaviors, feelings, and thoughts that arise from a person’s biological...

10 min read

Dimensions of Personality: Conscientiousness and Agreeableness

You may not be familiar with George A. Miller, but you may be familiar with some of the major ideas he spread to...

10 min read

How to Ace the (Video) interview: the Best Prep Guide

If you’ve ever wanted a one-stop, interview prep-shop, this is IT. From an in-person meeting or a video interview,...

5 min read

Suche nach dem besten psychometrischen Online-Test? Lernen Sie Retorio kennen.

Traditionelle Bewerbertests sind nach heutigen Erkenntnissen nicht mehr ausreichend. Menschen bilden bereits eine...

4 min read

Best Practices in Pre-Employment Assessment, Short 'n Sweet

From the moment a candidate spots a vacancy, the candidate experience commences. Even if an applicant is rejected after...

11 min read

No One Wants to Take Your Pre-Employment Assessment: What to Do

If you take a peek in the online world, you’ll quickly realize a couple of things: 1. We use our unparalleled...

10 min read

AI Video Interview: Why It Connects the Dots for Our Brains

We all know the modern human has the attention span of a goldfish. According to a study done by Microsoft, the human...

5 min read

What to Look for In An AI Vendor: The Checklist That Saves You Time

It feels artificial intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town these days. Dozens of AI companies are working to...

11 min read

Online Recruiting: Do You Speak Fluent Boomer, Millennial, and Gen Z?

If you haven’t noticed the entire world has gone online. Your university courses can now be held via a video...

6 min read

Taylor Swift is Leading the Candidate Experience Revolution (Really)

An applicant may not be a pop star, but word travels quickly in this digital age. Twitter. Glassdoor. Reddit. LinkedIn....

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