For Recruiters

Use our plugin on your job application form to get instant feedback on your applicants' communication behavior and key personality traits! Select the ideal candidate quicker, based on objective insights.

For Sales People

In sales, making a great first impression means making more money! Get instant feedback on your pitch. Our AI is brutally honest, but lets you practice in a safe environment without anyone watching. Only practice makes perfect.

For Everybody

Learning is doing. Whether you practice for an important presentation or try new opening lines for your next date. Retorio is ready to give you feedback when YOU need it.

The Human AI

Retorio is an Artificial Intelligence that understands communication skills and personality. It can be used to automatically analyze video applications in recruiting, for self-monitoring your progress in sales training and a million other things.

  • Our API works with your existing tools. Check!
  • Our plugins are easy to integrate with your website. Check!
  • Our team is here to help. Double check!
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How it works


Collect Videos through Copy-n-Paste Plug-in

  • Embeddable Copy-and-Paste code can be integrated on every webpage or HCM/LMS/CRM system
  • Create own scenarios or courses by using the Plug-in multiple times
  • Combine the Plug-in with other content

Receive Feedback from Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning algorithm analyses people’s communication behaviour
  • Deep Learning algorithm predicts people’s personality

Manage and Improve Performance

  • Sort videos by your own selected performance criteria
  • Compare performances by your own pre-defined criteria
  • Share videos to get feedback from others
  • Download results and videos for further use
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