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Add personality insights to hard skills with our behavioral science-based AI

  • Automatically screen for top performing candidates
  • Interview every candidate remotely with ease
  • Get insights about actual candidate behavior (not self-ratings)
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"We use Retorio to analyze our customer support candidates across all HAPPYCAR countries. It helps us save up to 78% of the screening effort and we can get in touch with the best candidates faster than our competitors."



Dr. Christian Theurer


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The value we create for you


Reduced time to hire


Better candidate funnel quality


Reduced pre-screening effort



Our video-based AI is a simple plugin and easily integrates into every Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Retorio’s artificial intelligence supports human intuition. We quantify decisions to provide deeper insights into the hiring process.


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Hire for job-profiles based on academic rigor

  • Job-Profile wizard based on scientific rigor
  • Automated because we translated academic research into tangible technology
  • Hire, for example, for task and culture fit

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Retorio Profile Setup

Scale your remote pre-screening questions

  • Structured, one-way interviews with your individual, job-related questions
  • Review answers in detail for further scrutiny
  • Craft different questions for different job roles

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Retorio Video Interview Setup

Make faster decision due to automated recommendations

  • AI-based behavioral personality analytics (Big 5)
  • Automated alignment with your job profile
  • Shortlist candidates alongside with your intuition 

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Retorio Candidate AI

Why we are different

Retorio is much more than a traditional video interview tool. While it can also be used to manually screen videos, the main benefits are generated trough the benefits of empirically proven Big Five psychological framework fully automated by AI.

Retorio - The Science


Our methodology

  • Analysis of the perceived personality (it's more important how you come across not who you think you are)
  • Statiscially supervised (no, our system is not autonomously making a decision)
  • Decision support (we make recommendations, not final decisions)
  • We're user friendly (short test, fast results)

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Our scientific approach

More than 70 years ago, scientific research has begun to systematically study how individual characteristics of thoughts, emotions, and behavior can be mapped in a taxonomy. As a result, the Big5 or Five-Factor model has emerged. Retorio is using this widely adopted model to train advanced AI algorithms with millions of videos for ultra-precise personality and behavior insights.

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Affordable for anyone

Retorio has a fair pricing.
No hidden fees 
No video limitations 

What our clients say

We use Retorio to analyze our customer support candidates across all HAPPYCAR countries. It helps us save up to 70% of the screening effort and we can get in touch with the best candidates faster than our competitors.
Dr. Christian Theurer
COO at Happycar
At BMW we are using Retorio to pilot a new AI-powered recruiting process. Pre-screening video applications for job- and task-fit lets us focus on top candidates early, make better hiring decisions and save cost.
Christoph Kunz
Partner at RPC
Mark Gray Airtame
We are happy that we found a new partner with Retorio to help us improving our recruiting process. We are planning to hire more than 80 positions. Especially the greenhouse integration was very interesting for us and crucial for the positive decision.
Mark Grey
VP People at Airtame