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retorio reveals people's personality from video data by using artificial intelligence. Register to find out more.

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Whom retorio helps


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interviews with artificial intelligence

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videos through artifical intelligence


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What retorio is

retorio is an artificial intelligence personality coach
Practice communication at home with AI
   1. retorio records your communication through your browser
AI retorio communication coach
   2. retorio analyzes your communication skills through AI
practicing communication at home
   3. retorio provides you with helpful feedback
Improve your communication at work with retorio
   4. retorio makes you a better communicator

How retorio works

Easy access
Open your browser, share your webcam and microphone, and start practicing your presentations, speeches, and talks with us. No need to install any additional software. Our plug-in starts right in the browser.
Receive AI-powered analyses
While you train, retorio analyzes facial expression, voice, language, and gesture in real time. retorio provides helpful analyses and recommendations.
gesture recognition retorio
Follow your performance progress
retorio tracks learning progress and personalizes analyses and recommendations. Follow your performance progress over time. See, the performance progress on distinct communication dimensions to always have an overview about your overall development progress.
Store your knowledge
retorio saves video recordings and allows accessing present throughts and ideas in the future. Track what you have already said in the past. With the retorio sharing function you can also always see what others have thought about it. That saves you time in preparation for similar situations (e.g., next job-interview, pitch, or performance review).
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Share your thoughts
You want to know what your colleagues or friends think about a presentation, speech, or talk?
Share video recordings to receive human feedback. Receive additional feedback and tips from people you trust or who are important to you. The feedback is linked with the video and automatically guides you to the respective part. No annoying notes anymore.
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Aisawa Yamasaki Lab at the University of Tokyo
Aizawa Yamasaki Laboratory at the University of Tokyo
Partner: Technische Universität München
Chair for Strategy and Organization at Technical University of Munich


retorio wird gefördert durch das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie
retorio wird gefördert durch EXIST
retorio ist gefördert durch die Europäische Union
retorio ist gefördert durch den Europäischen Sozialfonds

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