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Video-based behavioral analysis powered by AI

Retorio analyzes facial expression, language, gesture, and voice to predict behavior and perceived personality. You can access Retorio's machine intelligence within minutes in three simple steps:

Frame 1 Target profiling
Step 1: Identify your talent needs by analyzing your team

 Capture your team on video -
 Learn what makes your people special
 Derive data-driven hiring profiles 

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Step 2: Invite new talents for video interview

 Integrate Retorio into your ATS -
 Create structured interview questions -
 Conduct asynchronous video interviews 



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Step 3: Hire and empower talents based on AI-powered insights

 Spot promising talents immediately -
 Watch videos and form your own opinion -
 Challenge gut feeling with AI feedback 

Inform every stage of talent management

With data on individual personality and values, you better understand a person.
From recruiting to engaging team dynamics, transfer insights into how to best empower a candidate or employee.




  • Talent Acquisition

    Using Retorio, talent acquisition teams cut busywork by 78%.

    Retorio’s AI powered, personality assessment enables you to review millions of profiles from your talent pool in seconds. Immediately, you'll be able to gauge organizational culture and development.  With our automated video feature, applicants can remotely apply, interview, and train anywhere and at anytime.

  • Organizational Development

    Identify, qualify, and hire external and internal candidates with AI that presents a short-list of the candidates matching your  job role based on your criteria. 

    Because we give deep insights into personality, talent managers better identify performance patterns,  hone organizational culture, and promote "hidden champions", committed employees that are often underestimated.


  • Leadership & Training

    Organizations spend 1- 5% of an employee's total salary on training. Powered by Retorio's video-based AI, employees are provided interactive, on-demand soft skill training.The Big 5 Personality model reveals how an individual is perceived by others. 

    With a customized approach,  talent gains insight into their own strengths and areas of improvement while companies save by creating best practices. 



Integrate psychological science

Retorio analyzes behavioral cues based on the scientifically-validated, Big 5 Personality model.


Within minutes, organizations gain a clear snapshot of how a candidate integrates into a team or position.

Our Big 5 personality assessment consistently scores over 90% accuracy.


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Retorio Team Fit Assessment

Leverage cutting edge AI 

Retorio's AI analyzes behavioral cues like facial expression, body language, language, and voice based on automated video interviews. 

We’ve trained our AI on a broad data set ― millions of data points ― spanning a wide range of ages, sexes, and ethnicities.

By creating a scientifically valid and debiased personality profile, our AI quantifies behaviour and creates context for hiring and training.


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pre-employment assessment

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Dive deeper

We believe in science and transparency. That's why we show how we've built our AI.

By sharing more insights about our datasets, our methods, and how we apply the Big 5 psychology model, we want to give candidates and companies a closer look.


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We integrate with

Retorio integrates into every Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or can be used as a simple recording plugin.


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  • What is Retorio?

    Retorio is a video recruiter that fuses artificial intelligence and machine learning with scientific findings from psychology and organizational research. Even from short application videos Retorio reliably detects the communication behavior and important personality traits of the applicant. Talents can be recognized more effectively and reliably and compared with different job profiles.

  • What’s the science behind Retorio?

    Retorio is a spin-off of Technical University of Munich, Germany. Retorio’s analysis is based on the universally accepted, advanced psychological model of personality traits, the Big 5 model. This model describes an individual’s personality in terms of 5 dimensions: (1) openness, (2) extraversion, (3) conscientiousness, (4) agreeableness, and (5) neuroticism.

    In a workplace context observer ratings have an incremental predictive validity over self-reporting. Accordingly, Retorio's AI is trained to analyze the Big 5 according to visible behavior rather than self-estimations. Thus, Retorio's output suggets how a person comes across in terms of personality.

  • What problem does Retorio solve?

    HR processes (such as hiring) involve important decisions that are strongly influenced by subconscious factors.

    The great importance of gut feelings on the part of decision-makers often leads to biases and unequal treatment.

    Overworked HR departments often have little time to screen CVs or to prepare for and follow up on their interviews.

    They have to rely on their intuition in their accelerated workday.

    Without new technologies, such as Retorio, it is inevitable that many applicants merely can upload a CV and will not get a fair chance to make a personal impression. 

  • Does Retorio replace human employees?

    No; Instead it empowers them. Retorio challenges provides professionals with valuable and objective data that informs their subjective decisions.

    With Retorio, professionals challenge their own decision making process and defend their choices. 

    They often end up making more elaborate decisions (e.g. whom to invite to a personal interview or for a certain training  program).

  • What companies use Retorio?

    Retorio is used by organizations around the globe from < 20 people growth startups to global enterprises with up to 400.000 employees (you will find some of their logos on our website). 

    Moreover, we partner with selected HR consultancies, headhunters, and training agencies to serve our global audience. If you are interested in partnering, please contact us through our partner page.

  • How does Retorio prevent bias?

    We ensure that Retorio does not systematically discriminate against people based on their ethnicity, age, gender, religion or culture. We do so by  by checking the estimates in our datasets for possible systematic biases (e.g., discrimination).

    "Algorithm-based differentiations become discriminations in particular if they constitute an unjustified disadvantage of persons characterized by protected characteristics (in particular age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability)"
    (Source: German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency)

    Retorio ensures that only factors that are within the applicant's control are included in the results. For example, in our datasets, we compare mean scores on the Big5 dimension Extraversion between Caucasians and Blacks. When we discover significant mean differences attributable to group membership, we adjust the mean and distribution to compensate for discriminatory bias in the training and test sets.

    We regularly test the corrected models against large, scientifically sound datasets, such as UCLA's Fairface dataset, which contains approximately 100,000 individuals from different cultures, age groups, etc. We publish our results transparently. Our research clearly indicates that Retorio assesses applicants regardless of their skin color, gender, or age.

  • Is it easy to use Retorio?

    Retorio is used in pre-screening processes, where our clients collect and analyze video applications in order to give every candidate a chance to leave a personal impression.

    Retorio is used in internal assessments to derive a better understanding of an organization's culture and to reveal behavioral patterns that drive performance.

    Moreover, Retorio is used in training programs to enable customized soft skill trainings and to enable private users and employees to prep-up for job interviews, client talks, leadership roles, etc.

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