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Advancing the pharmaceutical industry with AI coaching

Better training, better informed sales staff and better sales.

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From patent expirations to changing portfolios and sales challenges: The pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges. Did you know that AI coaching can help you overcome them?

Increase your sales

When pharmaceutical patents expire, generics flood the market, transforming former blockbusters into dead stock. This poses a challenge for salespeople, but now they can prepare with AI-powered pharmaceutical sales training, enhancing communication, addressing concerns, and explaining benefits efficiently.

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“What I like about AI coaching is that the AI never forgets what it is told. It always obeys all rules and legal restrictions – and teaches our learners to do the same!”
L&D executive at a European pharmaceutical company
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Bring your sales staff up to speed in no time

Numerous drugs are introduced annually, posing a challenge for salespeople to stay informed on both new and existing products – and let’s not forget compliance training.

Traditionally, extensive off-site training is required, consuming time and resources. AI coaching simplifies this by enabling creation and instant rollout of training to remote sales teams, facilitating training anywhere, even while traveling.

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Retorio - Bring your sales staff up to speed in no time

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Behavioral Intelligence 

Retorio uses AI-powered Behavioral Intelligence to identify, predict and train winning behaviors in the context of job requirements, culture and industry. 

While most coaching relies on self-reporting, our Behavioral Intelligence model focuses on actual observations by understanding behavioral cues such as facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice, and even language. It runs on scientifically validated models trained on millions of data points and is blind to factors like gender, age, and ethnicity.

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How to sell drugs (fast)

Pharmaceutical companies face tight deadlines to recoup development costs, compounded by a hard-to-reach and busy target audience. Salespersons often have just minutes to pitch in a pre-scheduled meeting, leaving little room for error.

How can you build a strong relationship with doctors in such circumstances? Preparation is key. AI coaching and persona selling allow reps to train for diverse scenarios, ensuring readiness for challenging customers.

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Prove how effective
your training is

Forget engagement numbers, now you can measure the true impact of your training. 

Engagement impact
Using the included Analytics function, you can easily verify your learners’ engagement over time.

Training impact
Measure learner behavior change, compare results to benchmarks, and assess against best practices. 

Business impact
Tie training results to a metric of your choice and demonstrate real business impact.
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Changing the telecom game

with AI coaching ­– three ways to start

Let the coaching begin!

That's it! Invite your teams to engage in personalized role plays.

Learners select an assigned role-play and begin their coaching session. Instant feedback from the AI, analyzing behavior (words, facial expressions, gestures, voice, etc.), offers practical advice for improvement based on proven successful behaviors.

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How AI coaching can help the pharmaceutical industry

Pharma sales staff face unique challenges – and huge rewards if they are well prepared. AI powered pharmaceutical sales coaching provides innovative methods to train your team. Elevate your sales with AI!

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Retorio - How AI coaching can help the pharmaceutical industry


We’re committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process. We provide a GDPR-compliant and consistent approach to our data protection and only work with certified partners.

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What is Retorio?

Retorio is a cutting-edge AI Coaching Platform that fuses machine learning with scientific findings from psychology and organizational research to ultimately take learning and development to a new level within organizations. 

At the core of Retorio’s capabilities are its AI-powered immersive video simulations. Through these engaging role-plays, learners using Retorio get to train and develop the necessary skills through realistic scenarios. Furthermore, the personalized, on-demand feedback learners receive allows for immediate behavior change and performance improvement. 

Retorio’s training platform transcends the limitation of scalability and redefines how individuals and teams train and develop, bringing talent development to a new dimension.

What is Behavioral Intelligence?

Behavioral Intelligence is a powerful tool designed to provide a profound understanding of human behavior that goes beyond traditional assessments. Behavioral Intelligence allows us to understand talents on a deeper level by delving into the intricacies of human behavior; it makes it possible to anticipate individual needs and talents and helps to respond in a way that drives action and engagement across different channels. 

Retorio harnesses the potential of Behavioral Intelligence to revolutionize learning and development; this understanding essentially forms the foundation of our platform. By utilizing Behavioral Intelligence, our training platform unlocks a new dimension of personalization, including on-demand tailored feedback on behavior and data-driven insights.

The science behind Retorio

Retorio is a spin-off of Technical University of Munich, Germany. Retorio’s analysis is based on the universally accepted, advanced psychological model of personality traits, the Big 5 model. This model describes an individual’s personality in terms of 5 dimensions: (1) openness, (2) extraversion, (3) conscientiousness, (4) agreeableness, and (5) neuroticism. In a workplace context observer ratings have an incremental predictive validity over self-reporting. Accordingly, Retorio's AI is trained to analyze the Big 5 according to visible behavior rather than self-estimations. In other words, Retorio does not measure how persons think they are, it measures how they come across in terms of their personality.

How will Retorio’s training benefit your teams?

Retorio’s training platform brings an immense amount of tangible benefits for your teams, which in turn help your organization reach its goals. Some ways that teams benefit from using Retorio’s AI-powered video simulations is by:

  • Personalized skill development: Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all training content. We understand the importance of personalization, especially when it comes to training content, and our bespoke training content ensures that each team member receives targeted training and guidance to maximize their potential. 
  • On-demand, tailored feedback: We know what the difference between good and great feedback can be, and Retorio’s AI training does so through highly personalized and timely feedback. Retorio’s AI coach provides real-time, in-context feedback during as well as after training. With feedback given during training to your teams, learners are able to adjust and modify behavior easily to see immediate performance improvement. 
  • High engagement: One of the biggest pitfalls of virtual training is the lack of engagement. Retorio’s training is designed with engagement at its core - our training makes sure team members are fully engaged with our interactive AI simulations, which in turn ensure learners retain the learned knowledge. 

How will Retorio's sales training benefit our sales team?

Retorio’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform is designed to significantly improve and enhance the performance of sales representatives by effectively upskilling the crucial skillset required for a sales rep. 

With personal AI-powered sales coaching, trainees engage in immersive video simulation content that is tailored to their specific needs, whether it be improving their objection-handling skills, refining their negotiation skills, or perfecting their closing techniques. The customization factor ensures that reps are only engaging in the training that they need, thus improving efficiency.

Is the sales training content customizable to our industry and business needs?

Every industry has its own specific demands and needs. With Retorio’s AI training platform, companies have the opportunity to plug in existing content and pick from Reteorio’s wide library of training content for sales, after-sales, customer service, and leadership training. Furthermore, with generative AI, it is possible to create new learning material with ease.

This way, training content can be 100% tailored to your industry needs, and you can make sure your talents are trained with relevant material. This commitment to customization ensures Retorio’s training is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

How can leadership training programs help develop effective leaders within our company?

Organizational change has become a constant, and the ability of an organization to navigate these shifting tides rests heavily on the shoulders of its leaders.

Retorio addresses this critical need by empowering leaders with ongoing training and reflection opportunities. Through engaging AI-powered simulations, leaders can immerse themselves in realistic role-plays, mirroring the challenges they encounter in their day-to-day roles. This experiential learning approach allows them to learn, adapt, and refine their leadership skills in a risk-free environment, ultimately enhancing their self-awareness and effectiveness in real-world leadership situations.

What leadership training programs does Retorio offer?

Retorio offers a range of leadership training programs designed to empower leaders to develop effective leadership skills. Our leadership training programs are carefully crafted to address key leadership competencies and can be tailored to meet specific organizational needs, such as:

  • GROW model
  • Conflict resolution
  • Performance appraisals

Aside from our library of bespoke content, organizations have the ability to create Al-generated content with absolute ease and roll out training in a matter of hours to their leaders.

Why is customer service training essential for businesses today?

Exceptional customer support and reactive service are the cornerstones of thriving organizations, paving the way for customer loyalty, word-of-mouth referrals, and sustainable growth. Yet with escalating customer expectations, it has never been more challenging for companies to make every interaction an opportunity to foster loyalty. 

With Retorio's Al-powered role-play training, customer service representatives get the opportunity to master the art of reactive support even before talking to real customers. Through interactive video simulations, tailored scenarios, and real-time feedback, Retorio's training enables customer service reps to create an unforgettable customer experience and drive business success.

How does after-sales training contribute to customer loyalty and repeat business?

After-sales training plays a pivotal role in fostering customer loyalty and driving revenue through cross-selling and upselling opportunities. 

When organizations train their after-sales representatives, it contributes significantly to to customer loyalty and repeat business by ensuring that customers have a positive and memorable post-purchase experience. When customers receive excellent support, and personalized solutions, and feel valued by the brand, they are more likely to not only return for additional purchases but also engage in cross-purchasing, increasing their overall lifetime value to the business.

What companies use Retorio?

Retorio is used by organizations around the globe from < 20 people growth startups to global enterprises with up to 400.000 employees (you will find some of their logos on our website).
Moreover, we partner with selected HR consultancies, headhunters, and training agencies to serve our global audience. If you are interested in partnering, please contact us through our partner page.

Is Retorio GDPR compliant?

We’re committed to ensuring the security and protection of the personal information that we process.
We are based in Germany and exclusively store data within the European Union.
We provide a GDPR-compliant and consistent approach to our data protection. Find out more about our Ethics and Privacy.

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