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Time to democratize coaching with the power of AI

Personalized AI coaching empowers employees to improve their job performance and experience greater job satisfaction.

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Sustainability and scalability:
the power of AI coaching

Did you know that 80% of training is quickly forgotten because it's just not practical enough?

Individual coaching is sustainable but expensive and difficult to implement on a large scale. AI Coaching, on the other hand, can be set up in a day and delivered to thousands of employees in no time.

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Learning, made by science

Gain actionable insights into why your best people do so well and replicate winning behaviors, tactics, and strategies across teams. Our AI coaching platform is powered by Behavioral Intelligence, which describes AI models that decode the intricacies of human behaviors. Gain access to industry, job role, and use-case behavioral insights and unlock successful behavioral change at scale.

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Turn mid-performers into high-performers and achieve 20% revenue growth in 12 months.
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Help managers to unleash their full potential. The right training transforms good managers into great ones.
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Boost performance with role-plays. Onboard 70% more effectively.
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Leverage AI coaching to build your performance culture and uplevel your L&D efforts.

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