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German Premium OEM builds a more customer-centric sales team with immersive video-simulations



German Premium OEM builds a more customer-centric
sales team with immersive video-simulations


Train global retail sales and service teams to sell new product lines (EVs) and lead more customer-focused and service-oriented sales conversations.


Run personalized learning at scale. Ensure sales reps and service teams have built confidence through consistent learning with on-demand insights.


  • On-demand scenario role-plays for reps to practice customer interactions

  • Quick reinforcement of skills with personalized, tangible feedback

  • 91% said that the training was relevant, 80% said it helped them improve job performance


Our client, one of Germany's largest premium automotive manufacturers, currently transforms their global retail organization to deal with a new generation of customers who demand new product lines (Electric Vehicles) and high-quality services. To become even more customer-focused and service-oriented, our client looked to provide a more scalable and employee-centric form of training for their retailers' sales and service teams around the world.

Since dealerships are privately run and managed and geographically distributed around the world, the car manufacturer often faces a challenge in offering easily scalable and cost-effective training that would train their global retail sales and service teams to not only uptick their sales, but to provide every customer with high-quality service.

At the same time, individual dealerships prefer trainings programs that consume little time and can be completed in downtimes or during breaks to ensure sales and service people are not distracted from serving or selling to paying clients.

Moreover, training programs need to be updated regularly to keep up with new product lines and client requirements.

Retorio Training and Development 6


The adoption of Retorio into their learning strategy came in clutch for the OEM and their dealerships around the world. They harnessed the true benefits of Retorio’s AI-based behavioral intelligence.

First, they invited some of their best sales and service reps around the world to take part in digital client role plays and leveraged Retorio's behavior Intelligence to identify winning behaviors that drive sales and service success.

Subsequently, the OEM integrated Retorio's immersive video simulations into their retail qualification and L&D ecosystem to transfer best practices within the organization. They introduced interactive on-demand training programs in various key markets in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. 

With Retorio, sales and service teams were able to engage in AI-powered role-plays, practice their communication fluency, receive tangible feedback, and build consciousness of their impact on customers, in a psychologically safe environment.

Retorio's AI analysis allowed these sales and service teams to:

  • Practice their customer interactions and gain insights into skill gaps, as well as receive tangible recommendations for improvement, in a safe environment.

  • Curate the perfect customer-focused sales pitch based on the skills that are proven to create peak performance and provide every customer with high-quality service.

automotive industrie
"To have the ability to see yourself from the outside after a situation is like the ultimate should have said 'shower conversation'. It's a good way to practice without feeling judged”
TraineeAutomotive Dealership UK


With Retorio's scenario role-plays, sales and service reps could practice different everyday customer interactions whenever and wherever they needed.

Retorio's behavioral intelligence would  provide tangible feedback and insights within minutes. For teams that want to be improving that kind of speed matters. Scalability and training costs were no longer an issue.

The manufacturer was able to roll out training programs across global dealerships with ease. At the same time, the OEM generated deeper insights regarding the performance patterns of their best sales and service reps and used Retorio's  Behavioral Intelligence to transfer these best practices across different dealerships within and even across global markets.

Individual markets started leveraging Retorio's technology to build their own video simulations and started sharing their insights with each other.

The management team based in Germany received meaningful (anonymized) behavioral data to track the learning progress of their global workforce. For instance, they learned to which extent their sales and service reps around the world communicated in line with the organization's tonality of the house, to which extent staff was able to change their behaviors to sell new product lines to a new type of client demanding higher service standards.

Retail sales programs of the future will be holistic, precise, and closely tied to business outcomes. In a business environment that is more volatile than ever, it’s crucial for organizations to transition to training programs that are not only scalable but provide on-demand, personalized feedback, wherever their teams are.

Set-up training programs in minutes - not weeks! And ensure training quality across markets!

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