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Retorio's AI-powered Behavioral Model

Download our whitepaper to learn more about our own approach in fusing AI and psychological research together--and why it works. 

Retorio's Ebook that shows Behavioral Personalty model
Retorio's Ebook that shows Behavioral Personalty model
Companies that apply Behavioral Intelligence are 60% more profitable. Join that statistic!

Behavior is key to establishing a culture of excellence. AI-powered Behavioral Intelligence enables you to explain, predict and influence behavior within your organization.

Our Behavioral Intelligence Platform is the only one that focuses on actual behavior rather than self-reports. It understands behavioral cues such as facial expression, gesture, tone of voice, and even language, emotion & perceived personality from video data. 

Our scientifically validated models are trained on millions of data points spanning a wide range of people from all walks of life and free of bias – blind to factors like gender, age & ethnicity.


And not to forget: our behavioral analysis consistently scores over a whopping 90% accuracy rate.

The AI Coaching Platform

Retorio's AI coaching platform allows organizations to spot behavioral patterns that drive success and develop winning employee behaviors through interactive, and personalized AI-powered learning.

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Leading companies use Retorio to explain, predict & shape behavior.