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RETORIO 2.0 - An ever-more human experience with Retorio’s AI coach
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An ever-more human experience with Retorio’s AI coach

An ever-more human experience with Retorio’s AI coach

MUNICH, Germany [October 2023]  - Retorio, a Munich-based start-up providing a cutting-edge AI coaching platform, is proud to announce the feature launch, which not only enhances the coaching experience but redefines the effectiveness of AI-driven training. The first of its kind, the update provides trainees with real-time and in-depth feedback on what was said, designed to humanize AI-powered learning with 24/7 access to an expert.

This new leap forward for Retorio means creating an ever-more human experience. During training sessions, employees receive real-time, in-context feedback, as if they had a personal coach by their side. As they engage with the material, Retorio’s AI coach actively analyzes their performance, offering immediate insights and recommendations right when they are most relevant. This in-the-moment feedback ensures that trainees can adjust their behavior and responses in the moment, maximizing the effectiveness of their learning experience. 

Organizations can define requirements for what employees should or shouldn't mention during training simulations. This ensures that the content of their conversations and their messaging align with expectations and company standards. Additionally, administrators gain immediate access to measurable insights into how well their trainees apply knowledge and drive impact with each conversation. By containing the best practices from within the company and industry, the AI coach’s feedback essentially encompasses the “wisdom of the crowd,” allowing trainees to learn from peers and modify performance.

A woman making online training and retorio ai coach giving real-time feedback

Source: Retorio  Retorio humanizes the coaching experience with its newest feature

By not simply analyzing how something was communicated but analyzing what was communicated, organizations ensure the maintenance of impeccable messaging standards, alignment with company best practices, avoiding errors, and, last but not least, verifying that compliance regulations are upheld.

It’s a significant leap toward real-time, in-depth behavior analysis, giving businesses a strategic tool to drive sustainable performance improvement in their talents.

Christoph, Co-CEO and Co-founder of Retorio: “We’re extremely excited about this new update, which takes our AI coaching platform to a whole new level. With the newest feature, ‘messaging’, we’re not just training communication - we’re perfecting it. This is a massive step forward in how organizations train and communicate, and it's a testament to our commitment to redefining excellence with every interaction and to humanizing AI-powered learning.”

Sales manager at premium OEM: “Retorio’s AI coach is like having an expert coach right at hand who is solely there to activate the best version of yourself. Even during difficult client interactions, I no longer doubt whether my communication method has an impact on customers. It’s empowered a new sense of confidence in me as I recognize my behavior changing during training.”