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8 min read

What is a Pre-Recorded Video Interview? A Guide for Recruiters

Pre-recorded video interviews is one of the best ways to score your ideal candidate, and they are quickly becoming an...

7 min read

Tech Sales: Best Tech Sales Training Programs in 2023

It can be challenging to keep up with the constant influx of new technologies that are being introduced into the...

5 min read

Soft Skills Assessment: Test your Soft Skills Online Now

Soft skills are becoming the way companies are future-proofing their talents as we face changing workplace trends...

8 min read

Train your B2C Sales Team: The Complete B2C Sales Training Guide

B2C salespeople are all around you. From the travel agent that your parents booked their summer vacation with, to the...

7 min read

What Is a Video Interview Platform? Definition and Tips For Success

A video Interview platform is revolutionizing the way recruiters hire new employees. By allowing you to conduct video...

5 min read

Retorio Webinar: "Forget about Upskilling, Focus on Behavior Change"

Upskilling. Capability development. Reskilling. They're the buzzwords that have been thrown around a lot over the last...

8 min read

How Do I Prepare Video Interview Questions for Candidates?

How often do you sit at your desk trying to come up with questions you are going to ask your candidates during a video...

8 min read

Top 5 Corporate Sales Training MUST-HAVES to Boost Sales

Are your sales reps converting every lead that comes their way? 

Probably not, and that's definitely not to say they...

7 min read

4 Reasons Why You Should Use an AI Video Recruitment Platform

The world of recruiting is evolving every day, which is why the implementation of an AI video recruitment platform is...

7 min read

Grow your Business: Follow these Cost Reduction Strategies

Cost cutting, decreasing budgets, cost reductions, lowering cost bases… the daily headlines aren't failing to...

8 min read

The Best B2B Sales Training Programs (that you wish you knew about sooner)

We are no longer in an era where b2b sales training means flying in an “expert sales trainer” across the country to...

12 min read

How To Get Your Employees Back In The Office

Ever since the global pandemic Covid-19 had been brought upon us, many have retreated into the safety of their homes...

7 min read

How I Got My Job Thanks to AI ft. Lucy Schneider

Do you know that feeling after sending your CV to hundreds of companies, and hoping that at least one of them calls you...

8 min read

What is a Skills Shortage? It's time to address SKILL GAPS!

Technologies are changing and advancing faster than they ever did before; business models are evolving, and so are the...

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