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6 min read

6 Values to Guide Candidate-Centric Hiring

Creating a candidate centric hiring process begins with empathy. In fact, in the famous design thinking methodology...

5 min read

Privacy Ethics: Why You Need an EU Values-Driven Company

Data protection laws in Europe are among the strongest in the world. In recent years, European data authorities have...

4 min read

HR Tech start-up from Munich secures further financing, totaling in the millions

PRESS RELEASE Munich, February 10, 2021 - Retorio, a spin-off of the TU Munich, offers software

based on scientific...

5 min read

If You Lead a Company, Lead Yourself: Training to Check Out

You lead people, but how well do you lead yourself? As a leader at your company, you may be the one calling the shots,...

6 min read

What to Look for in an Employee Training Software (Choose Wisely)

You may have come across a teeny, tiny challenge of this current pandemic: training employees remotely. You may need...

7 min read

Before AI recruiting, You Should Conduct This Skills Gap Analysis

Apart from the more general benefits of “more efficiency” and “resource optimization”, a gap analysis can help to...

8 min read

4 Ways to Rebuild Revenue Amidst Uncertainty

Recovering revenue is the Number One issue right now for C-suite leaders. What strategies should your business pursue...

7 min read

These 5 Steps Will Improve Your Employer Branding

You don't have to have it all together to be a great company. While high revenues and returns are great---and no one...

5 min read

Expect the Unexpected in the 2021 Workplace

No one saw 2020 coming. It became a matter of urgent necessity to create people-centric policies and initiatives to...

5 min read

These are the leadership skills COVID-19 is inspiring

We're moving into the second year of the pandemic and organizations are quickly learning a few things to re-prioritize....

5 min read

How the World's Happiest Countries Put People First in the Workplace

A happy workforce doesn't rely on taking a fast pre-employment assessment or a slow lunch. The world's happiest...

5 min read

A Message from Retorio's Founders: How We Leverage Our Own AI to Improve Performance

As co-founders and managing directors of Retorio, we often get asked how we leverage Retorio's AI in our own company.


7 min read

How HR Can Use the 5 Steps of Design Thinking in HR

Before making workflow decisions, do you consult with a designer? Most likely not. It’s understandable. Design may not...

11 min read

The Ultimate Podcast List for Every Facet of Your Career

Podcasting is good for your brain. Materials scientist and engineer Titi Shodiya and molecular biologist Zakiya Whatley...

6 min read

Humble Leadership: What This 1,020 Year Old Japanese Shop Teaches Us

For some unexplained reason, most people are unable to define what humility is. Some dictionaries equate it to low...

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