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Understand talent and culture with AI-powered behavioral intelligence

Retorio's Behavioral Intelligence Platform makes upskilling easy and revolutionizes training and development, empowering talents to embark on an innovative learning journey in just minutes.

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Retorio Behavioral Intelligence

Unleash the power of Behavioral Intelligence all in one single, integrated platform

Take your training to new heights and integrate a deep understanding of individual behaviors and traits into every facet of a training program. From crafting training strategies that resonate with each employee's unique profile to fostering dynamic interactions within your training sessions, Behavioral Intelligence enhances learning outcomes.

  • Identify winning behaviors in your teams
  • Offer personalized learning at scale
  • Drive sustainable change across the organization
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Leadership & Training

Provide on-demand, customized performance training

Individual-led training and development is how organizations keep their teams competitive and their budgeting on mark. With Retorio's talent management software, employees submit video responses to client simulations and questions created by a manager, a coach, or an in-house coordinator. Employees receive customized feedback on how they were perceived. Over time, talent can opt-in to monitor improvements on soft-skill development by saving their automated profile.

Develop Top-Performers
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Retorio Behavioral Intelligence Platform2
Culture Assessment
& Target Profiling

Retorio measures behaviors and predicts future potential, job, and culture fit.

Spot success patterns
Retorio Behavioral Intelligence Platform3
Video Interviews
& Simulations

Invite your talents for a video interview and analyze their behavior with our AI.

Hire the best
Performance Training
& Immersive Learning

Create personalized learning paths for each participant, globally.

Develop Top-Performers

A platform your talents actually use

"At rpc, we're using Retorio to run AI-powered training programs for large enterprise clients. It enables us to up-skill top talent sustainably, globally, and at lower costs through on-demand training scenarios with immediate and personalized feedback."

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Christoph KunzFounding Partner and President at rpc

“With Retorio we identified behaviors & traits that drive success in our sales team. This enabled us to hire salespeople from adjacent industries to much lower labor costs thanks to Retorio”

Group 32780
Mark GrayHead of Hiring at Invisible Technologies

“We use Retorio to analyze our customer support candidates across all HAPPYCAR countries. It helps us save up to 78% of the screening effort and we can get in touch with the best candidates faster than our competitors.”

Group 32774-1
Dr. Christian TheurerCOO at Happycar

“At Kafué, we use Retorio to hire for CIO positions. The in-depth insights helped us to detect non-fitting candidates with high accuracy”

Group 32777
Tim CookPartner at Kafué
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Leverage Behavioral Intelligence to build your performance culture and uplevel your L&D efforts.

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